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The Qigong and Energy Medicine Database™ contains abstracts collected by the Qigong Institute since 1984. Use the form below to search for the abstracts you are interested in and read them or print or export them in text format for offline reading.

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Title Author Journal Date
A pilot study of external qigong therapy for arthritis pain Chen K//He BH//Rihacek G//Sigal LH Journal Clinical Rheumatology 2003 VIEW
Possible Influence of Infrasound on Glioma Cell Response to Chemotherapy: A Pilot Study GARRETYOUNT, Ph.D.//RYANTAFT, B.S.//JEREMYWEST, B.A.//DANMOORE, Ph.D. THE JOURNAL OF ALTERNATIVE AND COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE 2004 VIEW
The path to becoming an energy healer Starn JR Nurse Pract Forum 1998 VIEW
An evaluation of two behavioral rehabilitation programs, qigong versus progressive relaxation, in improving the quality of life in cardiac patients Hui PN//Wan M//Chan WK//Yung PM J Altern Complement Med 2006 VIEW
Qigong practice: a pathway to health and healing McCaffrey R//Fowler NL Holist Nurs Pract 2003 VIEW
Open-label trial regarding the use of acupuncture and yin tui na in Parkinson's disease outpatients: a pilot study on efficacy, tolerability, and quality of life Eng ML//Lyons KE//Greene MS//Pahwa R. J Altern Complement Med 2006 VIEW
Meditation: a modulator of the immune response to physical stress? A brief report Solberg EE//Halvorsen R//Sundgot-Borgen J//Ingjer F//// Br J Sports Med 1995 VIEW
Qi therapy as a complementary therapy in chronic myeloid leukemia Lee, MS Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine 2004 VIEW
Key to A Balanced Practice: Qigong Kabba A Acupuncture Today 2001 VIEW
Trial of stress reduction for hypertension in older African Americans. II. Sex and risk subgroup analysis Alexander CN//Schneider RH//Staggers F//Sheppard W//// Hypertension 1996 VIEW
Qi-therapy, chaotic characteristics of peripheral blood pressure and biochemical variables Lee, MS//Rim YH Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine 2004 VIEW
Anger expression correlates with platelet aggregation Wenneberg SR//Schneider RH//Walton KG//MacLean CR//// Behav Med 1997 VIEW
A study of structure of phenomenology of consciousness in meditative and non-meditative states Venkatesh S//Raju TR//Shivani Y//Tompkins G//Meti BL Indian J Physiol Pharmacol 1997 VIEW
Autonomic patterns during respiratory suspensions: possible markers of Transcendental Consciousness Travis F//Wallace RK Psychophysiology 1997 VIEW
The experience of therapeutic touch for novice recipients Sneed NV, Olson M, Bonadonna R J Holist Nurs 1997 VIEW
External Qi Therapy to Treat Symptoms of Agent Orange Sequelae in Korean Combat Veterans of the Vietnam War Myeong Soo Lee//Won-Hong Woo The American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2004 VIEW
Effects of Emitted Qi on In Vitro Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxic Activity Myeong Soo Lee1//Hwa Jeong Huh1//Hye-Sook Jang3//Chang Sub Han1//Hoon Ryu1 and Hun-Taeg Chung2* American Journal of Chinese Medicine 2001 VIEW
Effects of the Transcendental Meditation program on adaptive mechanisms: changes in hormone levels and responses to stress after 4 months of practice MacLean CR//Walton KG//Wenneberg SR//Levitsky DK//// Psychoneuroendocrinology 1997 VIEW
Being present: experiential connections between Zen Buddhist practices and the grieving process Edwards M Disabil Rehabil 1997 VIEW
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