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Title Author Journal Date
The Impact of Mindfulness on Stress and Burnout of New Graduate Nurses as a Component of a Nurse Residency Program Denise Stage McNulty1, Carol LaMonica-Way, Jo-Anne Senneff J Nurs Adm 2022 Apr 1 VIEW
Cellular Telephone Use and the Risk of Brain Tumors: Update of the UK Million Women Study Joachim Schüz1, Kirstin Pirie2, Gillian K Reeves2, Sarah Floud2, Valerie Beral2, Million Women Study Collaborators J Natl Cancer Inst 2022 Mar 29 VIEW
Mind and body interventions in cardiology : The importance of the brain-heart connection Julia Lurz1, Karl-Heinz Ladwig2,3 Herz 2022 Apr 1 VIEW
Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field (PEMF) Effect on Bone Healing in Animal Models: A Review of Its Efficacy Related to Different Type of Damage Mattia Di Bartolomeo1, Francesco Cavani2, Arrigo Pellacani1, Alexis Grande3, Roberta Salvatori4, Luigi Chiarini4, Riccardo Nocini5, Alexandre Anesi4 Biology (Basel) 2022 Mar 5 VIEW
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Tai Chi Training in Cardiorespiratory Fitness of Elderly People Tianyang Tan1, Yanyan Meng2, Jiaxuan L Lyu1, Chaoyang Zhang1, Chengchao Wang1, Meng Liu1, Xirui Zhao1, Tianyi Lyu1, Yulong Wei1 Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2022 Mar 16 VIEW
Types of Exercise and Training Duration on Depressive Symptoms among Older Adults in Long-Term Care Facilities Po-Jung Chen1, Kuei-Min Chen2, Hui-Fen Hsu3, Frank Belcastro4 Ageing Res Rev 2022 Mar 23 VIEW
How food overconsumption has hijacked our notions about eating as a pleasurable activity Denise de Ridder1, Marleen Gillebaart2 Curr Opin Psychol 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
Therapeutic Touch in the Management of Responsive Behaviors in Patients with Dementia Helen Senderovich1,2,3, Sandra Gardner4,5, Anna Berall4, Roslyn Shultz6, Brenda Grant6, Vincent Santaguida7 Dement Geriatr Cogn Disord 2022 Mar 25 VIEW
Effects of Tai-Chi and Running Exercises on Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Biomarkers in Sedentary Middle-Aged Males: A 24-Week Supervised Training Study Yi Wang1,2,3, Xian Guo4, Liangchao Liu5, Minhao Xie6, Wing-Kai Lam1,7 Biology (Basel) 2022 Feb 26 VIEW
Effects of tai chi and qigong on rehabilitation after COVID-19: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis Zhe Zhang1, J G Ren1, J L Guo2, Lin An2, Shuang Li2, Z C Zhang2, Yan Chen2, Hui Liu2, Xiao Lei3 BMJ Open 2022 Mar 25 VIEW
Effects of multi-component exercise on older adults with chronic conditions Chakravarthy M Sadacharan1 J Sports Med Phys Fitness 2022 Mar 25 VIEW
Innovating Chinese Herbal Medicine: From Traditional Health Practice to Scientific Drug Discovery Shuo Gu1,2, Jianfeng Pei1 Front Pharmacol 2017 Jun 16 VIEW
[Huangdi Neijing: a classic book of traditional Chinese medicine] S Cavalieri1, M Rotoli Recenti Prog Med 1997 Nov 1 VIEW
Randomized Trial on the Effects of a Mindfulness Intervention on Temperament, Anxiety, and Depression: A Multi-Arm Psychometric Study Andrea Poli1, Angelo Giovanni Icro Maremmani2,3,4, Angelo Gemignani5, Mario Miccoli1 Behav Sci (Basel) 2022 Mar 10 VIEW
Teaching Family Medicine and General Practice Muhammad Jawad Hashim1 Korean J Fam Med 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Increased Lung Capacity Through Qigong Breathing Massey, P., Thorner, E., Preston, M.D., Lee, J.S. J Asian Martial Arts 1993 VIEW
The effect of backward walking observational training on gait parameters and balance in chronic stroke: randomized controlled study Yiyeop Moon1, Youngsook Bae2 Eur J Phys Rehabil Med 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Biomedicine and traditional Chinese medicine: a fruitful scientific and cultural interaction Lorenzo Mortara1, Grace Coco2, Cristina Pozzi3 Acta Biomed 2022 Mar 14 VIEW
Effects of Tai Chi Exercise on Balance Function in Stroke Patients: An Overview of Systematic Review Caixia Hu1, Xiaohui Qin1,2, Minqing Jiang1, Miaoqing Tan1, Shuying Liu1, Yuhua Lu1, Changting Lin1, Richun Ye1 Neural Plast 2022 Mar 9 VIEW
Research on Knee Joint Load and Influencing Factors of Typical Tai Chi Movements Cenyi Wang1, Ganfeng Yang1, Haoping Yang1, Changde Chen1, Henrui Zhang1, Kailong Wang2, Aming Lu1 Appl Bionics Biomech 2022 Mar 8 VIEW
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