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Title Author Journal Date
How do you feel? Interoception: the sense of the physiological condition of the body A D Craig Nat Rev Neurosci 2002 Aug 1 VIEW
Time-dependent effects of inspiratory muscle training and detraining on cardiac autonomic control in older women Gabriel Dias Rodrigues1, Pedro Dal Lago2, Pedro Paulo da Silva Soares3 Exp Gerontol 2021 Apr 14 VIEW
Resonance frequency is not always stable over time and could be related to the inter-beat interval Lluis Capdevila1,2, Eva Parrado3,4, Juan Ramos-Castro5, Rafael Zapata-Lamana6, Jaume F Lalanza3,7 Sci Rep 2021 Apr 16 VIEW
Combining Psychedelic and Mindfulness Interventions: Synergies to Inform Clinical Practice Jake E Payne1, Richard Chambers2, Paul Liknaitzky3,4 ACS Pharmacol Transl Sci 2021 Mar 16 VIEW
The effects of therapeutic touch on spiritual care and sleep quality in patients receiving palliative care Kevser S Ünal Aslan1, Funda Çetinkaya2 Perspect Psychiatr Care 2021 Apr 16 VIEW
Effect of Whole-Body Vibration Training on Muscle Activation for Individuals with Knee Osteoarthritis Juan Zhang1, Rui Wang2, Yili Zheng2, Jiao Xu1, Ya Wu1, Xueqiang Wang1,2 Biomed Res Int 2021 Mar 26 VIEW
Diminished Age-related Decline of the Amygdala in Long-term Meditation Practitioners Eileen Luders1, Felipe A Jain, Florian Kurth Psychosom Med 2021 Jan 19 VIEW
International Consensus Based Review and Recommendations for Minimum Reporting Standards in Research on Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation (Version 2020) Adam D Farmer1, Adam Strzelczyk2, Alessandra Finisguerra3, Alexander V Gourine4, Alireza Gharabaghi5, Alkomiet Hasan6,7, Andreas M Burger8, Andrés M Jaramillo9, Ann Mertens10, Arshad Majid11, Bart Verkuil12, Bashar W Badran13, Carlos Ventura-Bort14, Charly Gaul15, Christian Beste16, Christopher M Warren17, Daniel S Quintana18,19,20, Dorothea Hämmerer21,22,23, Elena Freri24, Eleni Frangos25, Eleonora Tobaldini26,27, Eugenijus Kaniusas28,29, Felix Rosenow2, Fioravante Capone30, Fivos Panetsos31, Gareth L Ackland32, Gaurav Kaithwas33, Georgia H O'Leary13, Hannah Genheimer34, Heidi I L Jacobs35,36, Ilse Van Diest37, Jean Schoenen38, Jessica Redgrave11, Jiliang Fang39, Jim Deuchars40, Jozsef C Széles41, Julian F Thayer42, Kaushik More43,44, Kristl Vonck10, Laura Steenbergen45, Lauro C Vianna46, Lisa M McTeague13, Mareike Ludwig47, Maria G Veldhuizen48, Marijke De Couck49,50, Marina Casazza51, Marius Keute5, Marom Bikson52, Marta Andreatta34,53, Martina D'Agostini37, Mathias Weymar14,54, Matthew Betts47,55,56, Matthias Prigge44, Michael Kaess57,58, Michael Roden59,60,61, Michelle Thai62, Nathaniel M Schuster63, Nicola Montano26,27, Niels Hansen64,65, Nils B Kroemer66, Peijing Rong67, Rico Fischer68, Robert H Howland69, Roberta Sclocco70,71, Roberta Sellaro72,73,74, Ronald G Garcia75,76, Sebastian Bauer2, Sofiya Gancheva59,60,77, Stavros Stavrakis78, Stefan Kampusch28,29, Susan A Deuchars40, Sven Wehner79, Sylvain Laborde80, Taras Usichenko81,82, Thomas Polak83, Tino Zaehle84, Uirassu Borges80,85, Vanessa Teckentrup66, Vera K Jandackova86,87, Vitaly Napadow70,71, Julian Koenig57,88 Front Hum Neurosci 2021 Mar 23 VIEW
Health and Disease Are Dynamic Complex-Adaptive States Implications for Practice and Research Joachim P Sturmberg1,2 Front Psychiatry 2021 Mar 29 VIEW
The validity and reliability of ultra-short-term heart rate variability parameters and the influence of physiological covariates Joel S Burma1, Sarah Graver1, Lauren N Miutz1, Alannah Macaulay2, Paige V Copeland3, Jonathan David Smirl1 J Appl Physiol (1985) 2021 Apr 15 VIEW
Involvement of the nerve growth factor-inducible large external glycoprotein (NILE) in neurite fasciculation in primary cultures of rat brain W B Stallcup, L Beasley Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1985 Feb 1 VIEW
The effect of the range of motion exercises combined with tai chi intradialysis on the adequacy of hemodialysis in patients at lebak district hospital Andi Sudrajat1, Krisna Yetti2, Agung Waluyo1 Enferm Clin 2021 Apr 1 VIEW
Sudarshan Kriya Yoga: A Breath of Hope during COVID-19 Pandemic Sameer Anil Zope1, Rakesh Anil Zope2, Gabriella Andrea Biri3, Charushila Sameer Zope4 Int J Yoga Jan-Apr 2021 VIEW
Exploring the Effect of Mindfulness on Burnout in a Pediatric Emergency Department Lauren Palladino1, Kei U Wong2, Melissa L Langhan3 Workplace Health Saf 2021 Apr 13 VIEW
Mindfulness Matters: Utilization and Perceptions of Mindfulness Practices Among Athletic Trainers Ashley Goodman1, Jennifer Howard1 J Athl Train 2021 Apr 13 VIEW
Optimism, mindfulness, and resilience as potential protective factors for the mental health consequences of fear of the coronavirus Lisa M W Vos1, Mirela Habibović1, Ivan Nyklíček1, Tom Smeets1, Gaëtan Mertens2 Psychiatry Res 2021 Apr 6 VIEW
The Effectiveness of Qigong in Managing a Cluster of Symptoms (Breathlessness-Fatigue-Anxiety) in Patients with Lung Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial Alex Molassiotis1, Dau Van Vu2, Shirley Siu Yin Ching1 Integr Cancer Ther Jan-Dec 2021 VIEW
Vagal control of the heart decreases during increasing imminence of interoceptive threat in patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia Jan Richter1, Anne Pietzner2, Julian Koenig3,4, Julian F Thayer5, Christiane A Pané-Farré2,6, Alexander L Gerlach7, Andrew T Gloster8, Hans-Ulrich Wittchen9, Thomas Lang10,11, Georg W Alpers12, Sylvia Helbig-Lang13, Jürgen Deckert14, Thomas Fydrich15, Lydia Fehm15, Andreas Ströhle16, Tilo Kircher17, Volker Arolt18, Alfons O Hamm2 Sci Rep 2021 Apr 12 VIEW
Mindfulness Among Medical Oncology Doctors and Its Relation With Burnout: Turkish Oncology Group (TOG) Study Okan Avcı1, Yakup İriağaç1, Eyyüp Çavdar1, Erdoğan Selçuk Şeber1 JCO Oncol Pract 2021 Apr 9 VIEW
What type of physical exercise should be recommended for improving arterial stiffness on adult population? A network meta-analysis Alicia Saz-Lara1, Iván Cavero-Redondo1,2, Celia Álvarez-Bueno1,3, Blanca Notario-Pacheco1, Sara Reina-Gutiérrez1, Irene Sequí-Domínguez1, Jonatan R Ruiz4, Vicente Martínez-Vizcaíno1,5 Eur J Cardiovasc Nurs 2021 Apr 9 VIEW
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