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The effects of chronic and acute physical activity on working memory performance in healthy participants: a systematic review with meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials. Rathore A1, Lom B2,3 Syst Rev. 2017 Jun 30 VIEW
Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) ameliorates healing of tibial fracture non-union unresponsive to conventional therapy. Haffner N1, Antonic V2, Smolen D3, Slezak P3, Schaden W4, Mittermayr R5, Stojadinovic A6 Injury. 2016 Jul VIEW
Low-intensity Pulsed Ultrasound Stimulation for Tendon-Bone Healing: A Dose-dependent Study. Lu H1, Liu F, Chen C, Wang Z, Chen H, Qu J, Zhang T, Xu D, Hu J Am J Phys Med Rehabil. 2017 Oct 7 VIEW
Tai Chi Chuan and Baduanjin Mind-Body Training Changes Resting-State Low-Frequency Fluctuations in the Frontal Lobe of Older Adults: A Resting-State fMRI Study. Tao J1,2,3, Chen X4, Liu J1, Egorova N3, Xue X5, Liu W1,2, Zheng G1, Li M5, Wu J1, Hu K1, Wang Z3,6, Chen L1,2, Kong J3 Front Hum Neurosci. 2017 Oct 30 VIEW
The Effects of Family-Based Mindfulness Intervention on ADHD Symptomology in Young Children and Their Parents: A Randomized Control Trial. Lo HHM1, Wong SWL2, Wong JYH3, Yeung JWK4, Snel E5, Wong SYS6 J Atten Disord. 2017 Nov 1 VIEW
Breathing control center neurons that promote arousal in mice. Yackle K1, Schwarz LA2, Kam K3,4, Sorokin JM5, Huguenard JR5, Feldman JL3, Luo L2, Krasnow MA6 Science. 2017 Mar 31 VIEW
Effects of school-based mindfulness training on emotion processing and well-being in adolescents: evidence from event-related potentials. Sanger KL1,2, Thierry G2, Dorjee D2 Dev Sci. 2018 Jan 22 VIEW
Being Mindful of Mindfulness Interventions in Cancer: a systematic review of intervention reporting and study methodology. Shaw J1, Sekelja N1, Frasca D2, Dhillon HM2, Price MA1 Psychooncology. 2018 Jan 26 VIEW
Acupuncture relieves motion sickness via the IRβ-ERK1/2-dependent insulin receptor signalling pathway. Tian D#1, Mo F#2, Cai X#2, Miao Z3, Xiao F2, Chang Y4, Wu L2, Tang Y2, Wang X2, Ye C5, Qian X3, Gu W3, Li M2 Acupunct Med. 2018 Feb 7 VIEW
Building Sangha in the American Healthcare Setting for Persons With Chronic Disease. Chan RR1, Beaulieu J2, Pickering CEZ3 Explore (NY). 2017 Dec 21 VIEW
Integrating mindfulness training in school health education to promote healthy behaviors in adolescents: Feasibility and preliminary effects on exercise and dietary habits. Salmoirago-Blotcher E1, Druker S2, Frisard C2, Dunsiger SI1, Crawford S2, Meleo-Meyer F2, Bock B1, Pbert L2 Prev Med Rep. 2018 Jan 28 VIEW
Efficacy of a biomechanically-based yoga exercise program in knee osteoarthritis: A randomized controlled trial. Kuntz AB1, Chopp-Hurley JN2, Brenneman EC1, Karampatos S2, Wiebenga EG2, Adachi JD3, Noseworthy MD4, Maly MR1,2,5 PLoS One. 2018 Apr 17 VIEW
The effectiveness of physical activity interventions in improving well-being across office-based workplace settings: a systematic review. Abdin S1, Welch RK2, Byron-Daniel J3, Meyrick J3 Public Health. 2018 May 8 VIEW
Tai Chi for Fibromyalgia. Slomski A JAMA. 2018 May 22 VIEW
Making Sense of… the Microbiome in Psychiatry. Bastiaanssen TFS1,2, Cowan CSM1, Claesson MJ1,3, Dinan TG1,4, Cryan JF1,2 Int J Neuropsychopharmacol. 2018 Aug 7 VIEW
Physical Exercise with Music Reduces Gray and White Matter Loss in the Frontal Cortex of Elderly People: The Mihama-Kiho Scan Project. Tabei KI1,2, Satoh M1, Ogawa JI3, Tokita T4, Nakaguchi N5, Nakao K6, Kida H1, Tomimoto H1,2 Front Aging Neurosci. 2017 Jun 7 VIEW
Focused Ultrasound-Induced Neurogenesis Requires an Increase in Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability. Mooney SJ1, Shah K1, Yeung S1, Burgess A1, Aubert I2,3, Hynynen K1,4 PLoS One. 2016 Jul 26 VIEW
The efficacy and safety of combination therapy of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound stimulation in the treatment of unstable both radius and ulna fractures in children. Ota T1, Itoh S2, Yamashita K2 Biomed Mater Eng. 2017 VIEW
Accelerated Wound Healing on Skin by Electrical Stimulation with a Bioelectric Plaster. Kai H1, Yamauchi T2, Ogawa Y1, Tsubota A1, Magome T1, Miyake T1, Yamasaki K2, Nishizawa M1 Adv Healthc Mater. 2017 Sep 20 VIEW
New Nursing Faculty and Incivility: Applying Mindfulness-Based Strategies. Green C1 Holist Nurs Pract. 2018 Jan/Feb VIEW
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