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Efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic field on pain and physical function in patients with low back pain: A systematic review and meta-analysis Xin Sun1,2, Liyi Huang1,2, Lu Wang1,2, Chenying Fu3,4, Qing Zhang1,2, Hongxin Cheng1,2, Gaiqin Pei1,2, Yang Wang1,2, Chengqi He1,2, Quan Wei1,2 Clin Rehabil 2022 Jan 25 VIEW
Effects of Mindfulness Meditation Intervention on Depressive Symptoms in Emerging Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Chuntana Reangsing1, Christina Lauderman2, Joanne Kraenzle Schneider2 J Integr Complement Med 2022 Jan 1 VIEW
Integrating Placebo Effects in General Practice: A Cross-Sectional Survey to Investigate Perspectives From Health Care Professionals in the Netherlands Rosanne M Smits1,2,3, Dieuwke S Veldhuijzen1,2,3, Henriët van Middendorp1,3, Marianne J E van der Heijden4,5, Monique van Dijk4,5, Andrea W M Evers1,3,6 Front Psychiatry 2022 Jan 12 VIEW
Increased gray matter following mindfulness-based stress reduction in breast cancer survivors with chronic neuropathic pain: preliminary evidence using voxel-based morphometry Taylor Hatchard1,2, Stephanie Penta1, Ola Mioduzsewski3, Stacey Correia1, Talia Tissera1, Olivier Brown3, Sasha A Haefner1, Patricia Poulin4, Andra M Smith5 Acta Neurol Belg 2022 Feb 3 VIEW
A preliminary investigation of yoga as an intervention approach for improving long-term weight loss: A randomized trial Jessica L Unick1,2, Shira I Dunsiger3, Beth C Bock2,3,4, Sally A Sherman5, Tosca D Braun2,4, Rena R Wing1,2 PLoS One 2022 Feb 4 VIEW
Effects of cognitive behavior therapy combined with Baduanjin in patients with colorectal cancer Zheng-Gen Lin1, Ren-Dong Li2, Fu-Lu Ai3, Song Li4, Xin-An Zhang5 World J Gastrointest Oncol 2022 Jan 15 VIEW
Combined VNS-RNS Neuromodulation for Epilepsy Pouya Khankhanian1, Angelica M Lee2, Cornelia N Drees3, Barbara M Decker4, Danielle A Becker3 J Clin Neurophysiol 2022 Feb 1 VIEW
Placebo response vary between different types of sham acupuncture: A randomized double-blind trial in neck pain patients Dian Zeng1, Xiaoxia Yan1, Hongmei Deng1, Jiemei Li1, Jiaxin Xiao1, Jiawei Yuan1, Jianpeng Huang1, Nenggui Xu2, Wenbin Fu1, Liu Jianhua1 Eur J Pain 2022 Feb 7 VIEW
The effect of transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation on HRV in healthy young people Duyan Geng1, Xuanyu Liu1,2, Yan Wang1,2, Jiaxing Wang1,2 PLoS One 2022 Feb 10 VIEW
The effects of combined respiratory-gated auricular vagal afferent nerve stimulation and mindfulness meditation for chronic low back pain: a pilot study Samantha M Meints1, Ronald G Garcia2, Zev Schuman-Olivier3, Michael Datko3,4, Gaelle Desbordes4, Marise Cornelius1, Robert R Edwards1, Vitaly Napadow1,4 Pain Med 2022 Feb 11 VIEW
Mindfulness is inversely associated with psychological symptoms in long-term cardiac arrest survivors Alex Presciutti1,2, Jonathan Greenberg3,4, Ethan Lester3,4, Mary M Newman5, Jonathan Elmer6, Jonathan A Shaffer7, Ana-Maria Vranceanu3,4, Sarah M Perman8 J Behav Med 2022 Feb 14 VIEW
The Effects of Whole-body Vibration Therapy on Knee Osteoarthritis: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials Chenguang Qiu, Elvis Chun Sing Chui, Simon Kwoon Ho Chow, Wing-Hoi Cheung, Ronald Man Yeung Wong1 J Rehabil Med 2022 Feb 17 VIEW
Comparing impacts of meditation training in focused attention, open monitoring, and mindfulness-based cognitive therapy on emotion reactivity and regulation: Neural and subjective evidence from a dismantling study Kirk Warren Brown1, Daniel Berry2, Kristina Eichel3, Polina Beloborodova1, Hadley Rahrig1, Willoughby B Britton3 Psychophysiology 2022 Feb 19 VIEW
Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation as Treatment of Poststroke Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis Yiting Shen1, Zhengyun Cai, Furong Liu, Zhihui Zhang, Guangxia Ni Neurologist 2022 Feb 21 VIEW
Self-administered acupressure for insomnia disorder: A randomized controlled trial Wing Fai Yeung1, Branda Yee-Man Yu2, Ka-Fai Chung3, Zhang-Jin Zhang4, Lixing Lao5, Fiona Yan-Yee Ho6, Lorna Kwai-Ping Suen7, Lai-Ming Ho8 Phytomedicine 2022 Feb 15 VIEW
"Practice Makes Perfect"? Associations Between Home Practice and Physical and Emotional Function Outcomes Among Patients with Chronic Pain Enrolled in a Mind-Body Program Sarah W Hopkins1,2, Jonathan Greenberg1,2,3, Jordan Isaacs1,2, Ana-Maria Vranceanu1,2,3 J Integr Complement Med 2022 Feb 28 VIEW
Mechanisms of Acupuncture in Improving Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Mitochondrial Damage Yu-Hang Jiang1, Jia-Kai He1, Ran Li1, Ze-Hao Chen1, Bao-Hui Jia2 Chin J Integr Med 2022 Mar 1 VIEW
Microbiota in neuroinflammation and synaptic dysfunction: a focus on Alzheimer's disease Diane Bairamian#1, Sha Sha#1,2, Nathalie Rolhion3,4, Harry Sokol3,4,5,6, Guillaume Dorothée1, Cynthia A Lemere#7, Slavica Krantic#8 Mol Neurodegener 2022 Mar 5 VIEW
Non-invasive Vagus Nerve Stimulation in Cerebral Stroke: Current Status and Future Perspectives Lijuan Li1,2, Dong Wang3, Hongxia Pan1,2, Liyi Huang1,2, Xin Sun1,2, Chengqi He1,2, Quan Wei1,2 Front Neurosci 2022 Feb 16 VIEW
Effects of Health Qigong Exercise on Lower Limb Motor Function in Parkinson's Disease Xiying Li1, Chuanfen Lv2, Xiaolei Liu3, Xia Qin4 Front Med (Lausanne) 2022 Feb 17 VIEW
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