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Stress and circulating cell-free mitochondrial DNA: A systematic review of human studies, physiological considerations, and technical recommendations Caroline Trumpff1, Jeremy Michelson1, Claudia J Lagranha2, Veronica Taleon1, Kalpita R Karan1, Gabriel Sturm1, Daniel Lindqvist3, Johan Fernström4, Dirk Moser5, Brett A Kaufman2, Martin Picard6 Mitochondrion 2021 Jul 1 VIEW
Psychological Stress and Mitochondria: A Conceptual Framework Martin Picard1, Bruce S McEwen Psychosom Med Feb/Mar 2018 VIEW
Combining top-down and bottom-up interventions targeting the vagus nerve to increase resilience Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt1, Cristina Ottaviani2 Neurosci Biobehav Rev 2021 Nov 17 VIEW
Mindfulness-oriented recovery enhancement improves negative emotion regulation among opioid-treated chronic pain patients by increasing interoceptive awareness R Lynae Roberts1, Katharina Ledermann2, Eric L Garland3 J Psychosom Res 2021 Nov 14 VIEW
Whole-body vibration training versus conventional balance training in patients with severe COPD-a randomized, controlled trial Rainer Gloeckl1,2, Tessa Schneeberger3,4, Daniela Leitl3,4, Tobias Reinold5, Christoph Nell6, Inga Jarosch3,4, Klaus Kenn3,4, Andreas R Koczulla3,4,7 Respir Res 2021 May 4 VIEW
Self-awareness in Dementia: a Taxonomy of Processes, Overview of Findings, and Integrative Framework Daniel C Mograbi1,2, Jonathan Huntley3,4, Hugo Critchley5,6 Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep 2021 Nov 24 VIEW
Modulation of Macrophage Activity by Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields in the Context of Fracture Healing Yangmengfan Chen1, Maximilian M Menger1, Benedikt J Braun1, Sara Schweizer1, Caren Linnemann1, Karsten Falldorf2, Michael Ronniger2, Hongbo Wang3, Tina Histing1, Andreas K Nussler1, Sabrina Ehnert1 Bioengineering (Basel) 2021 Oct 29 VIEW
Effects of Baduanjin Exercise on Physical Function and Health-Related Quality of Life in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients: A Randomized Trial Fan Zhang1, Jing Liao1, Weihong Zhang1, Hui Wang1, Liuyan Huang1, Qiyun Shen1, Huachun Zhang1 Front Med (Lausanne) 2021 Nov 29 VIEW
Interoception and social cognition in chronic low back pain: a common inference disturbance? An exploratory study Florent El Grabli1,2, François Quesque1, Céline Borg3,4, Michael Witthöft5, George A Michael6, Christian Lucas2, Florence Pasquier1, Thibaud Lebouvier1, Maxime Bertoux1 Pain Manag 2021 Dec 11 VIEW
Multiple Brain Networks Mediating Stimulus-Pain Relationships in Humans Stephan Geuter1,2,3, Elizabeth A Reynolds Losin4, Mathieu Roy5, Lauren Y Atlas6,7,8, Liane Schmidt9, Anjali Krishnan10, Leonie Koban2,9,11,12, Tor D Wager2,11,13, Martin A Lindquist1 Cereb Cortex 2020 Jun 1 VIEW
Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulators: a review of past, present and future devices Lei Wang1, Yu Wang1, Yifei Wang1, Fang Wang1, Jinling Zhang1, Shaoyuan Li1, Mozheng Wu1, Liang Li1, Peijing Rong1 Expert Rev Med Devices 2021 Dec 22 VIEW
A Bibliometric and Visualization Analysis of Mindfulness and Meditation Research from 1900 to 2021 Yuzheng Wang1,2,3, Lingqiu Liao1,2, Xiaoxiao Lin1,2, Yabin Sun1,2, Ning Wang1,2, Jinyan Wang1,2, Fei Luo1,2 Int J Environ Res Public Health 2021 Dec 13 VIEW
Efficacy and safety of Qigong Baduanjin exercise in the treatment of depression with insomnia: A randomized controlled study protocol Jing Fan1, Fangmin Qian2, Qingqing Wang1, Bihua Chen1, Linchuang Wang1 Medicine (Baltimore) 2021 Nov 24 VIEW
A Systematic Review of Telemedicine for Older Adults With Dementia During COVID-19: An Alternative to In-person Health Services? Sasha Elbaz1, Karin Cinalioglu1, Kerman Sekhon2, Johanna Gruber1, Christina Rigas1, Katie Bodenstein1, Kamran Naghi1, Paola Lavin1,3, Kyle T Greenway4, Ipsit Vahia5,6, Soham Rej1, Harmehr Sekhon1,5 Front Neurol 2021 Dec 14 VIEW
The Role of the Diaphragm in Postural Stability and Visceral Function in Parkinson's Disease Xin Yu1, Hong-Ying Jiang2, Chen-Xi Zhang2, Zhao-Hui Jin3, Lei Gao3, Rui-Dan Wang3, Jin-Ping Fang3, Yuan Su3, Jia-Ning Xi2, Bo-Yan Fang3 Front Aging Neurosci 2021 Dec 23 VIEW
Effects of an 8-Week Stress Management Program in Women with Breast Cancer: A Randomized Controlled Trial Theodora Seliniotaki1, Flora Bacopoulou2,3, Dimitrios Vlachakis4,5, Artemios Artemiadis6, Katerina Kampoli7, George Chrousos8, Christina Darviri#1, Anna Koumarianou#7 Adv Exp Med Biol 2022 Jan 14 VIEW
The effect of whole-body vibration in osteopenic patients after total knee arthroplasty: a randomized controlled trial Zhao He#1, Jiao Zheng#2, Shengfu Liu#3, Zhiqiang Guan#4, Qiyun Zhou1, Xiao Jin5, Zhiyuan Guan6 Aging Clin Exp Res 2022 Jan 14 VIEW
The interplay between Sleep and Gut Microbiota Mengqi Han1, Shiying Yuan2, Jiancheng Zhang3 Brain Res Bull 2022 Jan 12 VIEW
Non-invasive transcranial ultrasound stimulation for neuromodulation G Darmani1, T O Bergmann2, K Butts Pauly3, C F Caskey4, L de Lecea5, A Fomenko6, E Fouragnan7, W Legon8, K R Murphy5, T Nandi9, M A Phipps4, G Pinton10, H Ramezanpour11, J Sallet12, S N Yaakub7, S S Yoo13, R Chen14 Clin Neurophysiol 2021 Dec 31 VIEW
Effect of a Novel Mindfulness Curriculum on Burnout During Pediatric Internship: A Cluster Randomized Clinical Trial Yarden S Fraiman1,2,3, Christine C Cheston4, Howard J Cabral5, Celeste Allen6, Andrea G Asnes7, Jefferson T Barrett8,9,10, Maneesh Batra11, William Bernstein12, Tammy Bleeker13, Pam M Dietz14, Joanna Lewis15, Su-Ting T Li16, T Marsha Ma17, John D Mahan18, Catherine D Michelson4, Sue E Poynter19, Mark A Vining20, Katherine Watson21, Colin M Sox4 JAMA Pediatr 2022 Jan 24 VIEW
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