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Title Author Journal Date
Does Tai Chi improve plantar sensory ability? A pilot study Richerson S, Rosendale K Diabetes Technol Ther 2007 Jun VIEW
Emerging therapies to treat frailty syndrome in the elderly Cherniak EP, Flores HJ, Troen BR Altern Med Rev 2007 Sept VIEW
QUANTITATIVE MEASUREMENTS OF PHYSIOLOGICAL AND BIOENERGETIC CHANGES ASSOCIATED WITH Shin Lin, Ph.D., Zhong-Yuan Shen, M.D. Collection of Papers from the 10th China-Shanghai International Symposium on Qigong Science 2007 VIEW
Tai Chi Chuan exercises in enhancing bone mineral density in active seniors Lui PP, Qin L, Chan KM. Clin Sports Med 2008 Jan VIEW
Tai chi for Type 2 diabetes: a systematic review. Lee MS, Pittler MH, Kim MS, Ernst E Diabet Med 2008 Jan 21 VIEW
Age-related differences in tai chi gait kinematics and leg muscle electromyography: a pilot study Wu G. Arch Phys Med Rehabil. 2008 Feb VIEW
Eye-hand Coordination of Elderly People Who Practice Tai Chi Chuan Pei YC, Chou SW, Lin PS, Lin YC, Hsu TH, Wong AM J Formos Med Assoc 2008 Feb VIEW
The effects of fall prevention trials on depressive symptoms and fear of falling among the aged: A systematic review Sj?sten N, Vaapio S, Kivel? SL Aging Ment Health 2008 Jan VIEW
[Effects of tai chi exercise in elderly with knee osteoarthritis.] Lee HY, Lee KJ Taehan Kanho Hakhoe Chi. 2008 Feb VIEW
Tai Chi Chuan training improves the pulmonary function of asthmatic children Chang YF, Yang YH, Chen CC, Chiang BL J. Microbiol Immunol Infect. 2008 Feb VIEW
The Effects of Tai Chi on Bone Mineral Density in Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review Wayne PM, Kiel DP, Krebs DE, Davis RB, Savetsky-German J, Connelly M, Buring JE Archives Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation May 2007 VIEW
Joint kinetics during Tai Chi gait and normal walking gait in young and elderly Tai Chi Chuan practitioners Wu G, Millon D Clin Biomech (Bristol, Avon). 2008 Mar 12 VIEW
Self-Management Strategies to Reduce Pain and Improve Function among Older Adults in Community Settings: A Review of the Evidence Reid MC, Papaleontiou M, Ong A, Breckman R, Wethington E, Pillemer K Pain Med. 2008 Mar 11 VIEW
A randomized, controlled trial of tai chi for the prevention of falls: the Central Sydney tai chi trial Voukelatos A, Cumming RG, Lord SR, Rissel C. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2007 Aug VIEW
Tai Chi and fall reductions in older adults: a randomized controlled trial Li F, Harmer P, Fisher KJ, McAuley E, Chaumeton N, Eckstrom E, Wilson NL J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2005 Feb VIEW
Effectiveness of tai chi for Parkinson's disease: A critical review Lee MS, Lam P, Ernst E. Parkinsonism Relat Disord. 2008 Mar 26 VIEW
Tai Chi improves balance and mobility in people with Parkinson disease Hackney ME, Earhart GM. Gait Posture 2008 Mar 29 VIEW
A preliminary study of the effects of Tai Chi and Qigong medical exercise on indicators of metabolic syndrome and glycaemic control in adults with elevated blood glucose Xin L, Miller YD, Burton NW, Brown WJ Br J Sports Med 2008 Apr 2 VIEW
Regular Tai Chi Chuan exercise improves T cell helper function of type 2 DM patients with an increase in T-bet transcription factor and IL-12 production Yeh SH, Chuang H, Lin LW, Hsiao CY, Wang PW, Liu RT, Yang KD Br J Sports Med 2008 Apr 2 VIEW
The effect of tai chi exercise on blood pressure: a systematic review Yeh GY, Wang C, Wayne PM, Phillips RS Prev Cardiol. 2008-03-01 VIEW
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