Detection adn research of bioray and biofield

Author: Luo Xin//Zhu Nialin//Yi Hong
Research Institute of Somatic Science of Yunnan University, China
Conference/Journal: 6th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1996
Other: Pages: 25 , Special Notes: Also in Chinese. , Word Count: 147

At the turn of the century, breakthroughs in scientific theories and technology promote each other. The paranormal radiation, that is, paranormal function state and Qigong state, is named Bioray and Biofield in accordance with the experimental research of ourselves for fifteen years, together with some domestic results, thus a Bioray Detector has been research made.

Our article deals with such items as:

1. Experimental basis of Bioray-existence
2. Biofield and its experimental basis
3. Advancing of Hypothesis of Bioray Action
4. Some Bioray characteristics
5. Significance: Our deep exploration of the native and mechanism of paranormal function provide basis for the analysis of Bioray spectrum, the training of paranormal function, the development of human potentialities. It might give forceful research means for somatic science research and push forward the development of somatic science through the research of paranormal function and qigong by means of quantitative survey, process display record and data processing.