Endocrine and Immune Response during Qigong Meditation

Author: Higuchi Yuzo 1//Kotani Yasunori 1//Higuchi Hironobu 2 //Minegishi Yukiko 3
Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan [1]//College of Tohoku Med.Tech., Sendai, Japan [2]//Univ.of Kokushikan, Tokyo, Japan [3]
Conference/Journal: J Intl Soc Life Info Science
Date published: 1996
Other: Volume ID: 14 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 278-279 , Special Notes: Also in Japanese. Proceedings of First Symposium of Life Information Science, without peer review. , Word Count: 86

Endocrine and immune response of 6 qigong practitioners and 7 non-practitioners were measured before and after 30 min meditation. Plasma cortisol, adrenaline, dopamine and beta-endorphin levels decreased during meaditation, while beta-endorphin of a few qigong practitioners showed a slight increase. Natural killer cell activity showed a tendency of decrease during meditation. These results suggest that the sympathetic nerve activity decrease, the stressor are reduced, and the level of brain activity also shows a tendency of decrease by meditation. It is necessary to consider the difference of qigong meditation technique.