Tradition to Transformation: Ayurveda, Science and Systems

Author: Patwardhan Bhushan
Prof & Director, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences Univ. of Pune
Conference/Journal: Whole Person Health Summit, 2nd Qigong Summit
Date published: 2005
Other: Pages: 59 , Word Count: 154

Traditional medicine is an evolutionary process as communities and individuals continue to discover new techniques that can transform practices. Many modern drugs have their origin in ethno pharmacology and traditional medicine. Traditions are dynamic and not static entities of unchanging knowledge. Discovering a reliable 'living tradition' remains a major challenge in traditional medicine. Globally, there is a positive trend in favor of traditional and integrative health sciences. Better understanding of basic principles and harmonization of various practices will need new algorithms and programs for strengthening decision support system in practice (AyuSoft). The whole person concept of Ayurveda and the Prakruti or Guna relevance in therapeutics indicate strong genetic connotation and can form the basis of pharmacogenomics and customized medicine (AyuGenomics). Systems biology and combinatorial approaches have similarities with holistic concepts of Ayurveda. Combining strengths, Ayurveda and the power of science and technology can facilitate desired transformation of traditions resulting dynamic, evidence-based and contemporary systems.