Resonance of qigong's external qi and energy elements

Author: Qian Chengyao//Wang Qiping//Zhu Feng
Human Body Research Center of Xian Jiaotong University
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 15-17 , Word Count: 1454

A hypothesis of the unification of the natural world (i.e. the resonance of energy elements) can be made on the basis of the principle of the bat's safe flight at night, the reunderstanding of the external world, and the experiments on the effect of qigong's external qi on human beings and plants. That is, any objective reality can sense the existence of others by receiving and processing the latter's resonance pulse information, and its own existence by accepting its own energy waves, thus showing certain function. This helps to raise to a higher level the cognition of how the natural world, society and human beings obtain information from the outside. It is also a new and interesting subject for both biologists and physicists.

There are hardly two same things among the various objective realities in the natural world, including such areas as electricity, magnetism, light, living things and nonliving things. However, through their efforts, our predecessors have found that the seemingly unrelated physical phenomena are in a harmonious state in the final analysis. In the past decades, many scientists in the United States, the former Soviet Union and other countries have done much research in the effect of external qi on the living things (including human being), and proven through many experiments that there may exist certain new micro-particle flow of energy. The enormous energy and the strange phenomenon have puzzled many people. In fact, the energy is not so enormous as common people often imagine. This paper puts forward the viewpoint according to the summary of the experiments at home and abroad: any objective reality is finally determined by energy, and the wave field of external qi (which we call 'energy wavelets') appears around human beings and plants because of the existence of a much smaller but stronger particle flow. So far, the internal relation between energy waves and qigong is not clear, but the raising of the question will help to deal with the function and mechanism of this new type energy and external qi of qigong.

It is our point of view that there are corresponding energy waves or energy wavelets in or outside an objective reality. The wavelets might be the Debroy Mass Waves although they may also be closely related to electromagnetic waves. Suppose there are a series of different energy elements (which may form energy wave) in an objective reality, there must exist a corresponding latent 'I' element. Suppose that the energy is equivalent to the resonance, and that the external energy of 'I' element of the main field is 'Eio,' it will produce the energy resonance in the objective reality. At this moment the perceptive part of the objective reality. Then the objective reality will get the information from outside.

According to the viewpoint above, we intend to explain the following issues.

Reinterpretation of the Bat's Safe Flight at Night

'Bats never run up against walls during their flight in an extremely dark cave, even without any interference with each other. A bat has very tiny eyes. It can still catch its preys even with its eyes covered with rubberized fabric. It is obvious that the bat's eyesight is unrelated with its flight. But when its ears are sealed by Vaseline, and its auricles are also stuck, it will become agitated immediately. At this moment, if it is thrown into the sky, it will soon fall down to the ground. Therefore, scientists think that a bat's flight is chiefly relevant to its ears, and it relies on the supersonic wave to identify its direction. If flour worms and plastic pieces of the same size are evenly distributed in a room, 98% of the former are eaten but leaving the latter untouched. (Adapted form the article 'Marvelous Animal Phenomena of Southern China' of the magazine 'Shanghai Science and Technology' 1987).

But we think the interpretation above is not reasonable after our careful consideration. Obviously, the size of a bat's eyes is nonrelative to its eyesight. If we cover our eyes with rubberized fabric, we cannot see anything outside, in other words, the visible light of the sun cannot reach our eyes through the fabric. But this does not mean that the dark light cannot penetrate the fabric to our eyes in the pitch dark night. To verify this, we must find the dark mass of the dark light, and use it to cover the bat's eyes. If the bat can still fly with safety, we can reasonably conclude that is eyes are not relevant to its flight. Wo whether the bat's eyes are related to its flight needs further study, however, it does not affect our discussion.

A bat judges a coming situation by its inner ears' acceptance of the supersonic waves it sends out. Let's reconsider this point of view. Sound waves (or possibly energy wavelets) sent out from its throat arrive at the surface of an object, and are partly reflected. The waves reflected have two possibilities the moment they nearly reach the surface of the bat's inner ears: it is partly or completely absorbed by the surface. For the former situation, the surface of the inner ears keep an absolute black body to the sound waves, but this is impossible. For the latter, the surface of the inner ears can reflect part of the sound waves. Thus we have every reason to conclude that all the scenes outside are the same. As we know, the natural world is unified and simple, and the natural law should tend to be universal. Apparently, man can see an object not because human eyes have received the stimulus of the outside waves. Therefore, the reason why the bat can fly with safety at night lies in that it can 'see' the scene outside with the help of its inner ears. This is like the human being walking in the daytime. Thus it is very easy for us to explain why the bat can distinguish objects with great accuracy. The bat is very familiar with the energy waves produced by various objects.

To better understand this viewpoint, it is necessary to clarify the two concepts: day and night. The day is called day because man can see the objects around him, and the night is called night because he cannot see them. The visibility is between the day and the night during the 'bright' night or the 'dim' day. Thus, the day or the night is defined with reference be the bat's night, and man's night be the bat's day. This is because of the different interstellar energy waves.

Reunderstanding How Human Beings (or Other Living or Non-Living Things) Senses the Existence of an Objective Reality

Let's take man as an example. The energy waves sent out by man's outside world (objective reality) each human eyes, and produce the resonance of energy which makes the eyes blind. Man senses the external scene by human perceptive part's accepting and processing this pulse information (e.g. human eyes) and nerve activity. Man senses his own existence by the acceptance of its own energy waves.

Interpretation of Some Functions in the Qigong State

Some people have some functions In the qigong state, such as qigong resulting movement, qigong perception, thinking sense, perspective, remote vision, and so on. All these functions are resulted from the energy element resonance. For example, as man puts his hand to the door outside, he would know the contents of the room. We can interpret the strange phenomenon in the following way: there is a field of energy element at the surface of his hand, which can produce energy wave resonance with the door's energy elements, and at this moment, there seems to be no doors to him. When his hand leaves the door, he cannot see anything in the room, because the energy elements of the and the door cannot form resonance, and there is another objective reality (air medium) which produces resistance between the hand and the door. It can be guessed that not the doors made by all materials have such effect.

Until now, we can draw the following conclusion: any objective reality can sense the existence of its external objects by accepting the energy waves emitted by the latter to produce the energy resonance with its perceptive part, and by processing the energy pulse information by its nerve system. In the same way, such functions as remote sense and vision are demonstrated in the qigong state by means of the resonance pulse emitted by the energy elements. According to Piercos, 'Energy is a vigor burst out by rational expansion±. What are energy elements, and energy wavelets (particle flow with very high energy)? This is one of the achievements waiting for the solution by the world.