Essence of qigong is self conditioned reflex

Author: Liu Wei
Conference/Journal: 4th Intl Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1995
Other: Pages: 4-5 , Word Count: 453

The problem of the essence of qigong (breathing exercises) is one of the most fundamental problems of qigong theory. At present, although some progress have been made in this field, some points of view are still lingering on the description of the superficial phenomena, and they can not explain the various phenomena of qigong clearly. This article tries to re- analyze the essence of qigong form the aspects of human physiology, psychology and human futurology, putting forward my own point of view.

The essence of qigong is self-conditioned reflex or inner-conditioned reflex. Conditioned reflex is acquired through lots of training since someone was born, and it is the adjustment of all human behaviors. There are two kinds of stimulus which may cause conditioned reflex: one is concrete stimulus called the first signal, the phenomenon 'quenching one's thirst by seeing the plums' belongs to the activity of the first signal system, but 'quenching one's thirst by hearing of or thinking of plums belongs to the activity of the second signal system. The concentrating of the mind on a certain organ of qigong also belongs to the activity of the second signal system. While doing breathing exercises, we concentrate our mind on a certain organ, and this thought is accompanied with the normal physiological reflex of the organ. After many times of this kind of strengthening, the organ which you concentrate your mind on brings about an excitement region under the cerebral cortex, and this excitement region establishes a temporary connection with the excitement region of the organ's normal physiological reflex center. As time passes, the nerve passage is 'put through', realizing that psychology is adjusting itself to physiology on its own initiative. The normal activities of human beings are accomplished through the coordination and combination of many non-conditioned reflex system. So concentrating the mind on different organs can establish relevant conditioned reflex with the center which adjust the organ to normal physiological reflex.

During the course of the establishment of the inner conditioned reflex, concentrating the mind is the core, and relaxing the body is the warming-up exercise of it. Concentrating the mind on the lungs and the pubic region is the important content of the concentrating of the mind on different organs, because the pubic region which we concentrate the mind on is an important part of human body. Concentrating the mind on a certain organ can not only establish important inner-conditioned reflex but also open the door of other inner-conditioned reflex but also open the door of other inner-conditioned reflex.

The establishment of the inner-conditioned reflex of qigong not only solves the improper situation between human being and the environment, but also conforms to the trend of the development of human being.