Yoga as an ancillary treatment for neurological and psychiatric disorders: a review.

Author: Meyer HB, Katsman A, Sones AC, Auerbach DE, Ames D, Rubin RT.
Conference/Journal: J Neuropsychiatry Clin Neurosci.
Date published: 2012 Mar
Other: Volume ID: 24 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 152-64 , Word Count: 132

Yoga is gaining acceptance as an ancillary medical treatment, but there have been few studies evaluating its therapeutic benefits in neurological and major psychiatric conditions. The authors reviewed the literature in English on the efficacy of yoga for these disorders. Only randomized, controlled trials were included, with the exception of the only study of yoga for bipolar disorder, which was observational. Trials were excluded if yoga was not the central component of the intervention. Of seven randomized, controlled trials of yoga in patients with neurological disorders, six found significant, positive effects. Of 13 randomized, controlled trials of yoga in patients with psychiatric disorders, 10 found significant, positive effects. These results, although encouraging, indicate that additional randomized, controlled studies are needed to critically define the benefits of yoga for both neurological and psychiatric disorders.
PMID: 22772663