Inhibition of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells in vitro by emitted qi and gamma ray

Author: Cao Qiyuan 1//Li Yongqiong 1//Cheng Chenqing 2//Liang Jianxiong 2
Cancer Institute, Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences, Guangzhou 510060, China [1] //Dept Radiotherapy, Tumor Hospital, Guangzhou 510060, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 103 , Word Count: 167

Using human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell line (CNE-2) as the target cell, the cells were planted into 96 well plastic microcultured plates, 50 cells per well, one plate as a group. There were 4 groups: the control (c), irradiated by 2Gy Y-ray (R), treated by the emitted qi (Q), and treated by both of them (R+Q). After two days culture, the cell clone (>> 8 cells) under an inverted microscope was observed and counted. The mean value of cell clone (X±S. D.) in the R+Q group was 9.2±2.5, markedly lower than the R group (15.8±2.4). There was a marked statistical difference (P<O.001). The kinetic study showed that the Q group at 48 h, the level of mean value of cell clone (16.5±2.2) approached to the R group. Afterwards it went up again apparently. However, the R group continuously decreased through 48 96 h. The emitted qi alone was able to kill or damage the CNE-2 cell in vitro, but this action seemed to be higher reversible than arising by irradiation of Y-ray.