Scientific research on medical qigong vocalization

Author: Gori Gilberto 1//Li Xiaoming 2//Gatti Giovanni 3//Genitoni Valerio 3//Dorigo Antonio 3//Andreano Nicola 4//Vedruccio Clarbruno 5//Cavina Cristian 5//Bornoroni Corrado 6
Superior Institute of Olistic Medicine, Urbino University, Italy [1] //Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [2] //Superior Institute of Olistic Medicine, Urbino University, Italy [3] //European Association of Qigong [4] //Hill Electronics, Bologna, Italy [5] //Superior Institute of Olistic Medicine, Urbino University, Italy [6]
Conference/Journal: 2nd World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1993
Other: Pages: 88 , Word Count: 367

We have started analysing original recordings of vocal tones performed by taoistic masters and measuring the frequencies of the notes; we were bewildered from the spectral pureness of the tones, from their perfect correspondence in the reproducibility even after some months, and from their incredible stability.

The analysis at the oscilloscope of a sound vibration, commonly named 'vocal print of the word', it's a vibration characterized by damped waves, while the taoistic vocal tone vibration is very different, because it's characterized by waves of high spectral pureness mono-frequency and it is constant in time. This last type of waves are, with no doubt, sinusoidal vocal waves, stable during time.

It is clear that a person not properly trained, is not able to maintain the vocal tone of the specific wavelength costant during time, but also is not able to form a sinusoidal character, meaning of a sufficient spectral pureness.

It' s probably this ascertainment the foundation of the sacrality of the revealed word in the initiation traditions.

We have observed the abdominal area; the navel is in constant temperature in all the examined subjects. The area under the navel in these subjects shows certain distinctive characteristics, in comparison to the control subjects; there is a romboid area marked in the center by cold spots probably corresponding to the acupuncture points: GUANYUAN (Ren 4), SHI MEN (Ren 5), QIHAI (Ren 6).

Then we have started to practice the vocalisation's technique of the specific tone in mental peace. After a few minutes of practice the areas under the navel start showing a stronger intensity of thermic emission and the subjects felt a heat sensation; then the first paramedian hot spots appear and their intensity increases during time, tending to come together in a more spread area.

The ancient discoverers of these energetic techniques must have been in possession of highly developed knowledges concerning the hierarchy of complex working and the correlation existing between the mechanic and kinetic vibrations and the production and preservation of energy exploiting methodologies, that are still not quite clear. We hope that these exercises will be more and more taught and spread in order to really use preventive and curative techniques, effective and cheap for treatment of afflictions.