Study of strength feat concerning human self-curative power

Author: Chang Chunfu
Taiwan [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st World Conf Acad Exch Med Qigong
Date published: 1988
Other: Pages: 75 , Word Count: 1019

Human beings are born to an innate ability to resist diseases, called 'self-curative power' Such power keeps our body permanently in normal and healthy condition. In physiology, such strength is also designated 'homeostasis'. This power can enable the body to produce resistance against illnesses, eliminate causes of disease and facilitate the body recovered.

The function of both physicians and medicine does not lie in curing diseases directly but in helping such curative power do execution. Provided the body is possessed of great 'self curative power', it would not experience any illness. Even though sick, it can also be recovered within a short time. Such power is so integral that we should increase and stimulate it every day. In such way, the genuine avenue to health can be reached.

The way to health is composed of four elements air, sunlight, water and electromagnetic wave. It goes without saying that air, sunlight and water are very important. As far as the electromagnetic wave is concerned, it is a very significant treasure, verified recently by scientists. In addition to sunlight, the sun also radiates a kind of magnetic wave of six million meter length. For billions of years, the incessant illumination of sun magnetic wave makes the earth turn out to be an enormous magnetic field. Due to the illumination of the magnetic wave on the earth, the iron material in the body is subject to magnetization which effects the blood circulation in order to keep growth of life. The magnetic waves of both the sun and the earth are natural superlong waves, integral to the maintenance of human health. However, the function of our body is decaying day by day, so is the natural resistance therein. In order to restore health, the magnetic wave should be reinforced for health-keeping and disease-curing effect.

From the medical viewpoint, such methods as receiving injection and taking medicine can be called chemical therapy, also known as 'first medicine'. On the other hand, some people discover the curing methods like massage, sun bathing, hot-spring bath, which can be called physical therapy, also recognized as 'second medicine'. The first and second medicines may be available for superficial therapy, but infeasible for basic cure. Since the first and second medicines are facing an invisible wall which will not be broken through unless the magnetic wave increases as an auxiliary.

According to the evidences of clinic tests undertaken by such famous medical institutions as the Medical College of Roman University, the magnetic line of force cannot only enhance health, offer power but increase the human self-curative power to a large extent, make the abnormal neurotic system adjusted, provide blood circulation, create new cells and renew tissues in the body.

Different from ordinary electric currents, the electromagnetic wave can flow beyond the surface of objects. It is also unlike X ray because the latter cannot penetrate the bones whereas the electromagnetic wave can reach deep into the muscle, fats, the internal parts of marrow and release neurotic tension. Such electromagnetic wave will never cause any unplea sant feelings, for example, pain or shock, etc. On the contrary, it will result in comfortable and warm vibration. Such vibrant phenomenon gives rise to what is called Joule's heat, which can strengthen the function of cells and produce analgesic and anti-inflammatory function. Passing through the internal tissues, the electromagnetic wave will create the induction current so as to further the metabolism of tissues and ensure its vitality. Besides, by going through the tissues in the body, the electromagnetic wave can keep the internal secretions normal and each organ healthy.

The electromagnetic wave magnetizes the iron material in the body, forwards the function of blood circulation and reinforces the circulation action of lypmh. In such a way, the fresh blood is endowed with the ability to transport nutrients fully and the whole cells are provided with resources of energy. At the same time, owing to the vibration of the iron in the red corpuscles, the cholesterin in the vessels is removed little by little so that such diseases as hypertension and paralysis will therefore obtain the fundamental prevention. Most important, it can increase the self-curative power in our body, make the human body produce strong
resistance against diseases and get rid of fatigue as rapidly as possible. If under the appropriate guidance of expert physicians to the proper accompaniment of the first medicine of chemical therapy and the second one of physical therapy, the so called third medicine of magnetic wave therapy will be undoubtedly reinforced in view of its medical effect. The feat of strength is, in fact, the electromagnetic wave, because the feeling of strength is heat, electricity (static current) and magnetic field (power), which are combined into the electromagnetic wave. What the feat of strength means is by enhancing the electromagnetic wave in the human body under the control of human consciousness. The feat of strength in itself is a traditional name, the scientific designation of which is the electromagnetic wave. Accordingly, the curing and reinforcing effect of the feat of strength is also that of the electromagnetic wave as described above.

The feat of strength used by this sect is characterized by the personal performance of the teacher to imbue his own power as acquired by his own cultivation into the body of students for molding a body of strength, reinforcing its power, opening simultaneously the requisite blood circulation, make the students accomplish their body of strength and furthermore applying it to the treatment of diseases on oneself or others.

This sect of strength feat can cure not only the diseases of one's own but those of others to relieve them of pain, except for the patients with serious illnesses, who should be treated, accompanied by other above-mentioned therapies.

The feat of strength of this sect is derived from the electromagnetic wave in nature, which can be assembled in the human body for reinforcing the body. Its supply is inexhaustible and its application is limitless. It would never be involved in such drawback that the strength will become weak if performed in an excessive degree, unlike current feats of strength.