Violet laser acupuncture-part 3: pilot study of potential effects on temperature distribution.

Author: Litscher G, Wang L, Huang T, Zhang W.
Research Unit of Biomedical Engineering in Anesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine and TCM Research Center Graz, Medical University of Graz, Graz, Austria.
Conference/Journal: J Acupunct Meridian Stud.
Date published: 2011 Sep
Other: Volume ID: 4 , Issue ID: 3 , Pages: 164-7 , Word Count: 98

Infrared thermography for temperature distribution monitoring was performed in ten healthy volunteers (M/F, 5/5; mean age±SD, 24.9±3.3 years) before, during, and after stimulation by noninvasive violet (405nm) laser needle at the Dazhui (GV14) acupoint. Significant (p<0.001) increases of temperature at a region of interest around the acupoint were observed. Furthermore, temperature also increased significantly (p<0.05) at a so-called "far field" area Zhiyang (GV9). In two persons, however, needle acupuncture and placebo (deactivated laser) did not have the same temperature effects. Violet laser induces changes in skin surface temperature distributions.

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PMID: 21981866