Spatial Distribution of Potential of Controlled Healing Power ? Exploratory Measurement Using Cucumber as a Bio-sensor ?

Author: Hideyuki KOKUBO1,3, Osamu TAKAGI1, Satoshi KOYAMA2,1, Mikio YAMAMOTO1
1Institute for Living Body Measurements, International Research Institute (Chiba,Japan) 2Meiji University, Graduate School of Information and Communication (Tokyo, Japan) 3Meiji University, School of Information and Communication (Tokyo, Japan)
Conference/Journal: Intl. Soc. life Info. Sci.
Other: Volume ID: 28 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 14 , Word Count: 232

The authors tried to measure a spatial distribution (X-Y plane) of controlled healing power around a healer by a gas measurement method using cucumber (Cucumis sativus ‘white spin type’) as a bio-sensor. The healer was W003 (a 41-year old female) who is well known as a psychic. After being seated in a chair, the healer then did non-contact healing (laying-on-of-hands) for 30 min to increase the odor of the target cucumber pieces in 2 experimental Petri dishes which were set on a table (67 cm height). To measure the distribution of potential around her body, cucumber pieces were next set at 20 points (70 cm height) around her: 4 points at 50 cm intervals in forward, backward, rightward and leftward directions from the healer; and 4 points at 45-degree angles between the four directions (about 2.5 m distant from her). Two healing trials were done with a 15-min rest between them. During trials, control pieces were kept in another room (with a straight distance of 12 m between the healer and controls). After 24 h, gas concentrations of each cucumber sample were measured with gas detection tubes for ethyl acetate (141L, Gastec), and J values (the natural logarithm of the ratio of gas concentrations of experimental and control samples) were calculated at every point. The results suggested that a specific potential was generated around the healer which was not the Coulomb potential, and this potential had anisotropy between the front-backward and right-leftward directions.