Investigation of effects of external energy waiqi (emitted qi) on gliomas of mice

Author: Zhao Tongjian 1//Li Caixi 2//Lu Danyun 3//Xu Qinahong 2
XuanWu Hospital China Academy of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Beijing, Chine [1] //China Academy of Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine, China [2] //Scientific Research Institute of the National Medicine, Beijing, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 87 , Word Count: 269

In order to investigate the effect of external energy on the gliomas in vivo, we have selected gliomas of mice (G422) as the experimental model. Mice with induced gliomas are divided into two groups, one was subjected to waiqi, the other was a control group. The pathological, physiological, histochemical, immunological and ultrastructural changes were observed and analyzed.

13 Masters of qigong have been invited to exert external energy on the experimental mice. 494 mice were divided into 25 groups. In 16 groups (160 mice) gliomata were inhibited (64%), in 8 groups the gliomata have been found even bigger than those in the control groups (32%). 4 qigong masters have achieved a 40% reduction of the size of the gliomata. One of them has reproduced the inhibitory effect in 4 experimental studies. In those gliomata reduced 40% in size, the mitosis was much less quantitatively than the one in the control groups, and the differentiation of the glioma cells tended to be reversed. The histochemical studies showed that the reserve of liver glycogen, synthesis of protein and oxidation function of mitochondria in bearing gliomas mice which were subjected to the waiqi have been improved to some degree. The catalic process of the protein was weaker in waiqi groups than in control groups. The WBC (white blood cells) count, the lymphocytes count, the weight of spleen and the function of lymphocytes in the spleen are positively charged statistically in waiqi groups.

In conclusion, qigong waiqi (external energy of qigong) have some biological effects, and some of the qigong masters can produce inhibitory waiqi on the growth of gliomas in mice under appropriate conditions. The mechanism of the effect remains to be studied further.