Study of the effects and mechanism of qigong waiqi (emitted qi) on implanted tumors in mice

Author: Xu Hefan 1//Xue Huiling 1//Zhang Chenging 1//Shao Xiangming 2//Liu Guanchan 2//Zhou Qijing 2//Yu Fanger 2//Wu Kang 3
Jiangsu Provincial Research Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China [1] //Dept Pathology, Naval Medical College, China [2] //Chassis Plant, Nanjing Automobile Factory, Nanjing, China [3]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 82 , Word Count: 331

In this experiment, curative effects of qigong waiqi were observed on the implanted S180 Sarcoma in mice. The results of gross and histopathologic examination were as follows:

1. The treated mice were more healthy and active than the control, and increased net weight in the treated one was much higher than that in the control.

2. In the treated mice, the tumor was easily separated, and the averaged total volume and weight of tumors, and the number of tumor cells with the phase of division were less than those in the control (P<0.01-0.001). The rate of inhibiting tumor was 65%, and the areas of necrosis/bleeding occurred in most of tumors were larger, the content of Hb in the treated mice was much higher (P<0.01), and the muscles of heart showed hyperplasia, and there are more abundant capillaries or sinusoid structure in the stroma of tumor, heart and other organs.

3. The quantitative analysis data showed that in the stroma and peripheral connective tissues of tumor, the numbers of macrophages were much higher and they were more active, and the averaged weight and volume of the peripheral lymph nodes near by tumor and spleen were much greater, and the cortical/para-cortical region of lymph nodes and the spleenic nodule and periarterial lymphatic sheath of spleen increased in size and number, the lymphocytes in above organs showed highly lyperplasia. It was suggested that the effects of qigong on the tumor or normal tissues in the same mice were different. Qigong waiqi might inhibited/damaged directly the growth and hyperplasia of tumor cells, as well as promote the tumor cells returning to normal division. On the other hand, not only qigong could strengthen the specific/unspecific antitumorigenic function of the organism with tumor, but also improve the blood circulation of local area in tumor and whole organs in treated mice. In short, this shows that waiqi has certain antitumorigenic functions not only in eliminating evils, but also strengthening the defence energy of the organism.