Marvellous phenomenon of human peculiar function -- disappearance of hundreds millions of bacteria from tube (destruction of E. coli by emitted qi)

Author: Zhou Yong////
Institute of Qigong Science, Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 3rd Nat Acad Conf on Qigong Science
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 65 , Word Count: 291

E. coli 18h culture, washed 3 times by centrifuge, finally made experimental sample of a certain dilution of E. coli suspension of physiological saline. Transmittance rate, living bacteria amount, bacteria protein and wet weight of bacteria deposit were estimated.

Human peculiar function test: from uniform bacteria sample, took out 2 tubes of E. coli suspension, each tube was 10 ml. Marker was made on surface of suspension. One was experimental tube, other as control tube, peculiar function acted on experimental tube of E. coli suspension for 20 min. A normal man mimicked peculiar function acting on control tube for same time. The results of three repeating tests are uniform, representative result list as following table. Peculiar function induced decrease in transmittance, live bacteria, bacteria protein and wet weight of E. coli suspension.

According to the fact that decrease in percentage of live bacteria, bacteria protein and bacteria wet weight are uniform, and that transmittance rate of E. coli suspension apparently increase, conclude that human peculiar function moves E. coli out from suspension of tube other than killing bacteria, because E. coli is absence in tube whatever live bacteria or dead.

Human peculiar function only moved bacteria out, did not move physiological saline, because surface of suspension was not changed.

Peculiar function of moving things is progressing merely at showing level. Our study first proved special function of moving things at experimental level, but the things is live bacteria. The mechanism can not be explained by now available science knowledge.

Control Test Decrease in Decrease in
tube tube absolute amount percentage
Variation in
transmittance 33% 79%
of E. coli

Variation in
live E. coli 5100x10^6 800x10^6 4300x10^6 84.31%
live bacteria/ml

Variation in
bacteria protein 0.185 0.040 0.145 78.38%

Variation in
wet weight of 25.14 4.01 21.13 84.05%
bacteria mg/5ml
E. coli suspension