Prevention and Recovery from Cancer Through the practice of Guo Lin’s “ new qigong therapy”

Author: Wong Chungsiu
Guo Lin Chi Gung Health Center, Fremont, Calif., USA [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 122 , Word Count: 200

After 20 years of medical experience with qigong, it has been proven that Guo Lin New qigong is of great benefit for most cancer patients, irrespective of the stages of their illnesses, be it cancer of the lung, breast, throat, stomach, uterus, digestive tract/intestines, esophagus, leukemia or the lymph gland.

Guo Lin's New qigong is in agreement with both Western and Chinese medical theories pertaining to the treatment of cancer, namely, increasing the ability of the body to resist cancer, restricting its growth, increasing the longevity of the patient and finally eradicating the cancer cells completely.

Through laboratory experiments in China, it has been known that oxygen (02) is the enemy of cancer cells; they cannot exist among oxygen. Guo Lin qigong therapy increases the oxygen content in the blood many fold.

Results of patients treated in the USA with Guo Lin Qigong

Cancer Type Number of Favorable No Results
Patients Results (%) (%)

Lung 23 73.2 26.8
Breast 12 82.2 17.6
Nose 14 61.8 34.2
Intestinal 23 65.8 34.2
Uterine 26 70.5 29.5
Leukemia 43 60.8 39.2

Cancer patient practitioners of Guo Lin New qigong therapy have experienced optimism, gradual to complete elimination of side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, shrinkage to complete reduction of tumors and even other ailments or chronic disease in the body have been eliminated.