Liangong in 18 exercises

Author: Wang Kaian
Health Department of Baoshan General Iron & Steel Works, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 1st Int Cong of Qigong
Date published: 1990
Other: Pages: 115 , Word Count: 309

The Lian Gong Shi Ba Fa, or 'Liangong' in 18 Exercises, is a complete set of therapeutic exercises for preventing and healing pains in the neck, shoulders, waist or legs and other ailments Liangong involves all-round movements of the different parts of the body--major joints of the head, limbs and torso. Thanks to its varied movements, the whole body benefits from this set of exercises. Since the movements in Liangong have specific therapy-oriented aims, they are effective only when correctly executed.

A. Exercises for preventing and Healing Aching Neck and Shoulders: 1. Turn Neck, 2. Draw a Bow on Both Sides, 3. Stretch Arms, 4. Expand Chest, 5. Spread Wings for Flight, 6. Raise Single Iron Arm.

B. Exercises for Preventing and Healing Backache: 1.Support the Sky with Both Hands, 2. Turn Trunk and Push Palm, 3. Circle Pelvis with Arms Akimbo, 4. Stretch Arms and Bend Trunk, 5. Thrust Palm, 6. Press Palms on Feet.

C. Exercises for Preventing and Healing Aching Buttocks and Legs: 1. Circle Knees, 2. Make Reverse 'Bow Step' and Turn Body, 3. Bow, Squat and stretch Legs, 4. Keep One Palm on Knee and Hold Up the Other, 5. Hold Knee in Front of Chest, 6. 'Stroll Through the Impregnable Pass with Firm Strides.'

D. Exercises for Preventing and Healing Aching Joints of Limbs: 1. Sit Astride and Push Palms, 2. Push Palm in 'Seated Step,' 3. Limber Up from Top to Bottom, 4. Turn Trunk and Head, 5. Redal Right and Left, 6. Kick Shuttlecock on All Sides.

E. Exercises for Preventing and Healing Tenosynovitis: 1. Push Palms to Four Directions, 2. Draw a Bow, 3. Stretch Arms and Turn Wrists, 4. Stretch Arms Forward and Backward, 5. Thrust Fists While Sitting Astride, 6. Relax Arms and Turn Trunk.

F. Exercises for Preventing and Healing Functional Disorders of Internal Organs: 1. Rub Face and Knead Acupuncture Points, 2. Massage Chest and Abdomen, 3. Comb Hair and Turn Trunk, 4. Hold Up Palm and Lift Knee, 5. Turn and Bend Trunk, 6. Stretch Arms and Expand Chest.