The profound mystery of longevity .....vibration

Author: Yang Gu
Xi'an Qigong Institute of Airforce of Lanzhous's Military Region, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 344 , Word Count: 964

The material world from the whole universe to elementary particle including electricity. magnetism, light, sound and colour, etc, all have the features of vibration and wave. If there were not vibration for thousands years, it would be not important to produce all things including human being on the earth, we may say that the origin and existence of life are closely bounding with the vibration. The vibration can turn obstructed to vlear. According to the traditional Chinese Qigong and the traditional Chinese medicine, the acupuncture channel is related with the life and illness. If the acupuncture is clear , any illness will not come into being. A lot of external and internal asientific researches confirm that life can not live without vibration and life lies in vibration and the vibration and the vibration is the source of prolonging the life, etc. Morover, the scientific training ways of vibration can arouse the potentiality of body. So, a variety of machineries for health, such as, a applicance of vibration for treatment and health emerged as required after the second world war. But it's difficult to adjust the amplitude and frequency of vibration to best state, because the quality of man and illness vary from person to person; besides, this vibration is passive with making voice and it is not convenient to take it in period of being on a business trip and traveling. Its application is handicapped by these. A practical book named 'Gong of vibration keeping good health and benifiting for intelligence' the basis of the chinese traditional medicine and 'Changes' widely taking in the good qualities of many methods of practising QIGONG integrating with the modern medical science and physics, chemistry, making thousands of experiments. We use the impulsive force of 'QI' wave to open and dredge acupuncture channel. This way is suitable for everyone and whenever and wherever it is. The practice for a short period may achieve clear effects. As for as this machinery of vibration is concerned, it's beyond comparison.
The organs and tissues of body are all in the state of vibration. Its characteristics of physics, physiology and chemistry has themselves periodicity. When this state is adjusted to a order state by vibration, the wave motion emerges, it's Qi-wave propagated though acupuncture channel. The stronger the Qi-wave is faster, the faster, the channel is dredged. It benifits for pushing the body blood forward, vibrating and expanding the 'internal'. The modern medical science also discovered that the self-regulation-movement of micoartery propagates from near side of heart to far side in the form of wave at the normal state. It is difficult for the pressure of heart to transmit blood to the net of circuitous and dense blood capillary of each organs and tissues, whose closing and opening are influenced by micoartery and fore-sphincter. The microartery seems to have the second heart to push blood running in the blood capillary to every cell of tissues. At the normal quiet state, about 20% blood capillary is open. to apply the active training method seems to have the third heart to strengthen the function of transporting blood by microartery and open more blood capillary and increase more discharge of blood in blood capillary and quicken velocity of flow, strengthen the degree of moist to apply oxygen to every cell of tissues and make life exuberant and turn back the target of biochemistry and establish the material base of prolonging life and recovering one's youthful vigour. To coordinate breath training which is slow, even, deep and long and regular muscle-stretch-moving and joint-reverse-moving and movement of massaging the vital organs of the human body and posture of relaxion and using idea rationally, and so on, seems to increase the fourth, fifth and sixth heart to further strength the function of this pump and make body full of vitality and dredge acupuncture channel and reconcile blood and balance between 'Yin' and 'Yang' and cure illness and transfer the latent energy of every system of body and explore intelligence and delay senile.
Every system of body has great potentional energy, as far as brain is concerned. Only 10% brain cell can be sued in one's life and 90% brain cell has been being asleep. It is not successful to take high-grade nutriments and medicine in order to arouse the brain cell sleeping. Only through scientific training ways can we get it. Only to bring the brain's potentional energy into play can people make full of energy and strengthen memory and the ability of feeling world and coordinate and repair the functions of every system to make it in order. If the latent energy of immunity is brought into playing. The people have strong ability of epidemic prevention to resist variation of factor to lead to illness. If the latent energy of respiratory system and digestive system is brought in to playing, it supplies more nutriments and energy for body. The functions of systems of body which have been strengthened may react on the practitioner and patient, and make them achieve remarkable effects. According to the statistic figures, the 95% people who have practised 'Gong of vibration's keeping good health and benifiting for intelligence' for nine days have remarkable feeling of Qi. The effective rate of treating the people who have chronic disease and difficult and complicated cases is 86.2%. This shows that the Qi-Gong training is whole therapy. The vibration can transmit the excitement to brain and other organs and the area of illness and treat the focus of infection and recover the normal state through the acupuncture system of 'three dimensional control' that have a lot of administrative levels, functions, forms and end of nerve receptor. Many reports home and abroad show that the vibration has remarkable effect on the difficult and complicated disease which have not been cured for a long time.