The present situation of qigong and its future in the Chinese schools

Author: Tong Shilin
Anhui Normal University, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 308 , Word Count: 1137

During the process of physical Education (PE) reform which involves the proper combination of modern and traditional PE, the setting-up Qigong has entered the hall of the scientific PE in the Chinese schools. However, such Qigong is moving on steadily heading for the prosperous future.
I. Words of the Schools' PE in the Past 40 Years
Forty years since the New China were born, the idea that with the athletics as its centre of education dominated the work of schools' PE. The schools, then only regarded these special skills as the major objectives to study. There were no place for the traditional Chinese sports, and actually it was discarded away from the schools. In such manner, the PE lost its colour of national characteristics and become separated from the society, the nature and its own necessity, which resulted in the improper solution of the students' physique.
It is the major subject of PE reform n the Chinese schools at the present stage to change thoroughly the idea of regarding the athletics as the main object for PE; and establish gradually the scientific system of PE with the uniqueness of Chinese and socialism so as to make the schools' PE a part of human science.

II. Survey of the New Access to Train the New-typed People
Based on the 1980's while facing the 1990's and the next century, we regard it a glorious but arduous strategic task to train, through the multi-channels and forms the people with the characteristics of China's socialist modernization. The current system of education and that of the present PE in schools will not suit the mood to accomplish this job.
It's been proved that combining together the traditional Chinese sports with Qigong as a leading part and the modern PE will be good for raising the quality of the nation. This is the new channel to train the new-typed people. Modern sports, however concentrate on the body exercise and its usage, which help to from the beauty of the physique, train the spirit of the creation, and the idea of challenge. But there are some visible defects here for psychological development and talent exploitation. The traditional Chinese Sports with Qigong as its major part is known for its features such as to train the body outside while cultivate inside and to combine the movement and the still. It also has a good effect in adjusting and balancing the whole scale of one's life system and stimulating the potential ability of the brain. Only by the proper combination of these two and let them dram from each other the good points can we reach the goal and accomplish this task of schools' PE in this particular new era.

III. Ideas from the Qigong Education and Research in Schools
With the deeper going social practice and development of life science, the education of setting-up Qigong and research, and especially the unique functions of Qigong have caught the fancy of many people, in which the re-assessment towards the conception of exercise and physique has been generated. People are now getting less satisfied with the theory stated that life exists in the movement.
1. Life Lies in the Unity of Movement and the St-ill
Movement is the nature of all materials, and it is the way that materials exist, so the development of such moving materials is absolute. All of the sharp movements; to be substantially speaking, is to eliminate imbalance for the balance. The relative balance is the still, whereas the still is a special and supreme from of movement that coordinate the balances.
The human life is the evolution and development of material movement, and the combination of multi-type movements. This is more related to the basic rules of the unity of movement and the still and the balance adjustment. Chinese Qigong, with its emphasis on the combination of movement and the still and the utilization of concentrated energy and imagination which is no way against the rule that human life is in the movement.
2. Alternate Movement, the Best Way to maintain the Physiological Function
The inertia movement of the body causes a series of physio-chemical changes inside, these changes, however sometimes benefit the human life, sometimes not and even harmful in this extent. Such movement, as a mean of strengthening the physique has the sound effects. Yet, the physique can not be improved unless the movement is being done according to the physiological rule of growth, development and also the proper load regulation of movement. Otherwise, it is harmful. Chinese Qigong is the different kind of movement featuring for its relaxing manner, harmonious round movement with the breathing focused also in abdomen which contracts the weakness of the inertia movement. In this case, the schools need to make the proper arrangements and make sure the above two movements be carried out alternately. Only by doing so can the normal physiological functions of human life be maintained.
3. The Round Movement of Qigong, Good Way to Promote the Human Life More Active
Harmonious movement is universal of all the movement. It is the super-structure of steadiness with the supreme form of harmony, unity, balance, solidness, power and flexibility. The basic secret of Chinese Qigong is the frequent use of the round movement, its shape, power and the solidness. It can ease the body's joints, soften the muscles, stimulate the occupants, strengthen the internal breathing, promote the vigor of life and make one fit as a fiddle. Therefore, the schools should adopt the round movement in PE.
4. Physique is the Quality of Energy, Breathing and Spirit and also the Key element to adjust the balance
Energy, breathing and spirit are the three major elements related to one's life. Energy is the important material foundation of one's growth, development and physiological activities; breathing is the general physiological function, the energy and power of one's life, whereas the spirit is the function of the brain, and the information bank. These three parts are changeable related and interact one another. Life is the synthetical form of material, energy and information, physique is the quality of one's energy, breathing and spirit, and something that adjust one's balance.

IV. Prospect for Qigong in Chinese Schools
It's exciting to look ahead the Qigong in Chinese Schools
1. Setting-up Qigong will be included in the national PE. It will be of a great significance in the Chinese Qigong history.
2. Chinese schools' PE system with the characteristics of the nation and socialism will be shaped during the practice of combining the traditional Chinese and modern PE.
3. The development' of Qigong in Chinese schools will promote the moral, physical and aesthetic education, help to explore the talents and will create a favorable condition for the education and curriculums reform especially in the area of research on the complete and overall movement related to the rules of mind and body.