Qigong, my experience and feeling

Author: Tsang Robert
22 Crossburn Drive, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2Z2, Canada [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 274 , Word Count: 4760

To relax is an important thing which we know it very well . However, our usual habit of relaxation may be just sufficient for a temporary rest for our mental anxiety or physical tension at that particular moment .
There are a lot of people who so not know how to make a total rest at a given time for our mind and our body 8S well .
The art to relax is neither throwing a body into a comfortable chair or lying on a soft bed , or jest plug on some sweet and light music to enjoy a very nice moment .
Really, I am sure, I personally will agree these are very favorable relaxation , but such kind of relaxation can only serve Us for a certain kind of benefit to an extent for that particular hour .
There are few people who understand we can train our own mind to do something Which is very useful and valuable for the
mental health and for the physical health both ad the save tine by using one's own mind to command the training and drilling during a particular given time that out this best kind of prefect relaxation .
May I ask , can you throw out all your thinking , forget everything and keep your mind blank for a certain length of time ?
Can you order your muscles to release completely I.
Can you command your body to get both internally and externally relaxed ?
If the above answers all are positive, I promise you , you are exactly right . Because such kind of relaxation is a sort of prerequisite.

We understand meditation can help us in thinking , and planning , we also understand it is healthy and profitable fir the benefit of our brain development .
When we meditate for one or two minutes there is no problem . If and when we meditate for a certain length of time we Day often go far and far away from the starting point , and finally go wild .
A 'Chi Kung n beginner should first learn to meditate his or her own designated process in the 2 course of the scheduled practicing duration , and should be able to proceed the monitoring all the way throughout .
Primarily he or she should think about what is going on , and what is doing at any such given time on his or her own schedule.
Then , the beginner should meditate and should monitor the relaxation procedure, the starting requirement and the way to start .
After all, he or she should meditate carefully and should never go far beyond his or her own ability .
Remember to watch and to keep pace with each slow movement .
To set a right and profitable purpose for your meditation is a very important matter . Example given :
' I wish to get fitness' ,
' I wish I am healthy ' ,
' I wish to have a recovery' ,
so and so
You do it yourself to make out a simple and concise sentence which will set out your ideal purpose and will satisfy yourself is the most important thing , but do not carry on a long story that will harm you more than to profit you .

When you study., work or talk , no matter what you do , you do have your concentration on that purpose, so you are fully attending to .
If you had more than one purpose on a designated job , you could not do your fully concentrate , because you had your attention divided .At that very moment you might have different thoughts between one and the other , that could lead you to have your concentration cut and broken .
If you hand any unsolved problem kept you annoyed , you could not do your work with deep concentration . Of course , to solve that particular problem first is a good answer. But , to leave that particular problem untouched is another nice one. However, the best answer is to realize the situation where you are , when you are in home you can realize that you are in a. sweet hose , when you are in office you can realize that you are engaged on a lovely job, and then you can tell yourself you are free from everything .
Ii you can realize your standing situation and forget whatsoever which does not relate to that situation you con
certainly get your concentration on that particular job.
- Perhaps some one say think he is able to do two things at any given time., and cut his concentration by half and half . May. be he has some special training , and may be he is very skillful, so he is capable to that.
But it is not recommended here, because half concentration will return you less than half what you have to expect for in this kind of breathing technique , the other thing is you may lead yourself to an unexpected side effect .
Sometimes it may happen a divided concentration leads to a poor sequence , even in some case it may result a severe effect such as driving a car or an airplane .
I would like to draw your special attention to this matter, the satisfactory reward only to those who can devote their whole concentration on the practicing of ' Chi Kung '.
The ability to pay an attention to a single object all the time during such self-training programme is most desired, and is an important matter for success in the way of the breathing technique training .
Therefore, you must prepare yourself in the event of picking up the practice , and to take all concentration into account once you are in action is a necessity .

Do you have a breath ?
Sure , we have our breath so that we±can keep on our life .
Do you know your breath have a wonderful undiscovered functioning?
No, most of Us do not know what is that undiscovered functioning.
We breathe in fresh air and breathe out the carbon dioxide in exchange to maintain our life, this is the usual function carried out by our lung , of course all of Us understand.
The circulation of our blood begins form our heart, from its artery flows the blood supply , then carries oxygen from our lung to every corner of our body in the service of veins, and finally distribute the oxygen to the tissues of the entire body . In the return journey the blood receives carbon dioxide released from the tissues and carries back by means of the veins , the blood flows back through the vein cardinal to the heart .
The systematic and orderly movement need a lot of help from the internal organs in order to work together harmonically, especially the coordination of the higher nerve centre and the respiratory centre .
The relationship between respiration and our life is so close should we understand it very well and care for it to the utmost . .
However, usually we pay too much attention to our food and neglect the importance of our respiration .
Hence , I am trying a job in the writing of this book for a good faith of liberty in order to call up your immediate notice , the function of your untrained breath is an undiscovered treasure.
This kind of treasure can help to prolong your life, if you want to, in a general good health-throughout your whole life.
It is not a merchandise , it is worthless , it is not sold , it is merely a product of yourself.
Your have no way to buy your good health together with longevity even you pay tins of gold bullion or billions of dollars.
Only you can produce it for your-good-self .

I realize wisdom is developed from a powerful mind.
But where is mind ?
I a sorry, I don't know where it is s because it does not relate to any organ of the body , so I can hardly find it out , I have no idea about that of the location .
Although I could not fond the location within my body where is the mind , still mind itself seems it is independent . It seems to me , mind is a kind of substance developed from observing , learning , thinking together with Judgment , all of them are worked out through the function of the cerebrum and the higher nerve centre, mind conducts our movements and behavior.
I further realize that as we get education and we get training , so we are capable to deal with things that we already have the knowledge in mind.
From the above , we therefore understand our mind comprises of the ability of learning , thinking , knowledge absorbing , decision making , direction giving and memory storing , etc.
To direct is to command', and to command needs power.
It is now more clear that mind is the master, of a human being in his whole life.
Form the scientific development , I learn and I understand that our clear mind is divided into two parts which are sleeping. The conscious part of our mind works when it is not asleep, while the subconscious part works round the clock. So living beings are capable to be aware while they are sleeping.
Consequently, the foregoing items are the procedures to develop a kind of sound mind power in both ways for our mind including the conscious and the subconscious, so that we are being trained to an extent of full capacity in commanding
whenever and wherever it is necessary.
So, why not take this self training program into your life in order to have yourself a strong and powerful mind.
It is not easy to explain very well before talking about the aims which the 'Chi kung' or the breathing technique works for.
The Chinese ancients wished to enjoy a long life without ailing troubles, they found from their findings and experience some kind of air flow arising from somewhere just three fingers space below the omphalos, and then they gradually developed from accumulated experience some kind of breathing techniques.
The breathing techniques are varied from purposes and methods to purposes and methods, here are simple examples:
For enforcement in strong exercise, that is 'kung Fu' and its likes.
For improvement in daily life, that is any kind of soft exercise, which may come forward throughout life time when complete the basic training. may come forward throughout life tire when complete the basic training .
The breathing technique will keep you smart even you are turning into seniority , and it is the main purpose , but the result of which will make you more delight than you desire for .
In my personal practice , my experience told me , it took twelve weeks to bring up the internal air feeling, and this is called the preliminary stage , which I have talked about in the introduction.
Then ,it came the first stage of movement ,which was another twelve weeks immediately after the internal air feeling that I have gained ,the internal air flow moved down to the area which is called the perineum.
For a further twelve weeks I continued my effort, and I got the internal air flow passed through the anus and reached the coccyx .
The internal air flow then went up the spine as I continued my daily practice.
I went on my daily practice ,the internal air flow finally made its way moving in a minor circle, circulated down from omphalos, went up to the spine and went up to the top of my head ,then back went to where it made the start.
Thus, the internal air flow continuously followed its minor circle track until I finished my scheduled time.
I don't know my explanation works or not ,it is called the transmission of internal air flow.

Since you have learned from the transmission of internal air' flow, you may probably understand the meaning of the circulation stated on this topic .
There are two kinds of circle in general speaking to be dealt with in the breathing technique exercise .
The previous topic we have talked about is minor circle, and the other one which will come forward after a certain length of time when getting maturity is a major circle.
The developed internal air flow could be self transmitted from point to point at the first instance, so that it would complete a minor circle when it is matured.
The developed and matured internal air flow w-ill be able to influence a further extent to reach a bigger circle, by starting from the omphalos down to the soles and then up the heels through the coccyx to the spine ,up on top of the head and down toward back to the omphalos, it is called 'the major circle. '
There are some other kinds of circulation, because all of them are for further advancement, and because there is no shortcut in the breathing technique, so I can find no way to talk about them for the time being. Only when and until then after a period of two to three years practice one may advance himself because his reward is coming for him he will realize the marvelous future.
The aforesaid minor circle and the major circle both could be manipulated if one had a good faith for himself to transmit the internal air flow from point to point or to transmit the internal air flow from area to area or to transmit the internal air flow to a particular selected segment ,but awareness should be given once a wrong doing will cost heavily and the side effect will-arise due to any unnecessary adventure. Therefore, it is not recommenced here in this book.
Slow but sure in the breathing technique practice is a very safe way to success.
When you pick up your breathing work, your internal sir flow will appear sooner or later, and will circulate either follow bout orders to flow point to point or automatically follow the track which you have experienced from time to time.
You may be surprised what you have achieved so far. But there is no wonder ,the internal air flow is a kind of substance which has been derived through your hard work, and it is a reward.
The reality is a proof for your first stage of success, but do not take it as a pride or proud of it. What you should do is to calm down, and make it just as easy as it can be . Besides , you should also help yourself out of any possible emotional feelings , because a little bit of excitement would do you no good. T
You may take education for an example b from the kindergarten to a primary school , and from high school to e college Of university , it is a long long way to go .
Now , where you are?
You should help yourself if you wand to SELF-CREATED VIBRATION
The topic of this narrative notes may be very strange to most readers, since you have started to read from the introduction you may have some understanding before the coming lines .
Once you get the magic strength, what is the further reaction you may want to know before hand . Is there any kind Of self-created vibration ? what is the style of the self-created vibration that will appear?
Indeed , all these are interesting questions.
I myself was in search of such amusing questions before I proceeded to such a stage. I have studied some books and some magazines , expected to find out something which would be beneficial to my knowledge in the practicing of this breathing technique about the selfcreated vibration, so far the answer I got no definite form , no prediction on any vibration .
From ancient records and modern fact findings , it shows the self-created vibration caused by the magic strength sometimes starting from the head, and sometimes from the feet, but it nay sometimes iron the waist,all these are called partial selfcreated vibration.
In my case, it was started from my waist by forcing a backward bend first, the number of total bends was six backwards and returns, then six forward bends and returns, and after that is paused.
Later on, after first partial self-created vibration, it happened many occasions, sometimes it turned the waist very gently inch by inch from right to left 90 degree, and vice versa.
Sometimes, it would turn the head forward down and backward down very slow motion, and then vice versa.
Please be aware, don't try to enforce or to help, don't try to manipulate don't try to stop at a sudden, when you will feel tired, then you may meditate about three times slowly: 'I want to stop and rest'.The magic strength caused vibration will be vanished and your normal posture accordingly will be restored.
When the internal air flow gets matured, a complete selfcreated vibration will come forward, and it will conduct the individual practitioner to act on an automatic motion, may be called an active exercise, or automotive exercise.

Active exercise is a kind of exercise generated by selfcreated vibration which works automatically without manipulation.
It works like c robot stretched the four limbs ,stretching every kind of joints no matter big or small.
It walks like a cat slowly, steadily with alert.
It moves like a stork softly, securely in a manner with leisure
The form of movements mostly engaged in a Z patina circular path, or a path like the symbol of a lying figure 8, twisted to and fro.
It can move faster than expected, it can move slower beyond expected Sometimes a very strong force leads you to movements with powerful strength ,but suddenly and gradually it say turn into a very soft and gentle movement without any effort and it seems that the strength went away
In my personal experience once I start the active exercise I let myself completely free from control to follow the influence of the magic strength, no matter what kind of session it at what to no matter how long it may last
Anything you see from your daily life or any thing you learn iron books may reflect in the active exercise provided that you have strong access in that particular matter at your first sight
The reflection in the active exercise purely covers the impression of actions which you have had access when you saw and when read
In my personal judgment it is a kind of work for both absorbing the knowledge and carrying out the commanding order by the subconscious mind of the human being
I, myself, also believe the subconscious mind becomes stronger and stronger once the breathing technique advances and advances
Every morning when I am engaging in the active exercise I cat never imagine what kind of action,what is the next step, and which side will be the following movement, because sometimes it seers to turn to the left but actually it turns to the right hand side Even though my motion is so soft it may sometimes take a swing just a round turn back to the exact position where it starts
In my case the completely automatic movement can last about one and a half hour without interlude.

Since you are coning to this topic through so many lines-you may wonder whether the internal air moving motion can work-out something like a kind of therapy
Primarily, the flow of the internal air like a certain sort of patrolling it cares for all organs about repairs, regulations , adjustments, and to come to help whenever and wherever it is needed
There are many kinds of therapy , they are mostly expensive, but you can find out this kind of therapy is totally free The breathing technique therapy is free as long as you can live on through the whole term of your life
There is no service can be provided without calling , and if needs time to getting along , only the breathing technique therapy is along side with you and serve you round the clock It needs no calling , and save you from waiting
You are your own boss, your subconscious mind will pick up the call, the magic strength will carry out its service in due time
If you are a junior practitioner, you may get the benefit through your daily routine work
If you become advanced-senior practitioner, you may get the benefit anytime by keeping yourself calm and concentrated, no matter where you stay sitting or standing , the flow of the magic strength will come up in a minute to work out the therapy for that particular area
Because some particular area like those of the private area are very sensitive ,and because the flow of the magic strength constantly passing through via the perineum to and fro despite its maturity ,so a male practitioner may get excitement to and fro despite its maturity ,so a male practitioner may get excitement when warm up, also a female practitioner may get heating when warm up ,also a female practitioner may get heating when warm up. In the case of such the practitioner should calm down and should pay all attention to see through the flow of the magic strength despite the heating or the exciting
The breathing technique therapy is valuable for good health if use it properly ,but do not take any unnecessary advantage of it

This is subject which I personally have no intention to bring it up Nevertheless I cannot omit such a fact related to sexual question Otherwise it will constitute a certain kind of unnecessary criticism that I am hiding something from the readers, which may affect the young practitioner, and it may mislead them to an unhealthy state, if they do not have sufficient knowledge they may go astray ,so I have to tell the truth for good
Since the act of the breathing technique is to stimulate an excitement in order to fulfill its designated main purpose ,the area below the omphalos extending to hypogastrium ,the private sections and the perineum is a very sensitive portion of the human body Hence the effect will be very excited
Because the excitement will bring up a throbbing activity for the most sensitive nerves, so that it can conduct the nervous system working and working into a very active state ,in order to create a sharp reflection, and it is the aim of the breathing technique practice
Thereby the breathing technique purposes are divided into many ways
There are some ways for ladies to refine menses, for gentlemen to refine sperm, but the only purpose is to improve
health in a proper manner Any misuse will cause a disaster.
For good health and for longevity are prime motive of the writer, and it is not for a short term purpose, if unfortunately some one got the wrong idea ,it is completely out of the motive
I hereby sincerely hope young practitioners will not attempt to use the breathing technique beyond a proper way
The Chinese ancients said any breathing technique beginner should terminate the sexual activity for a complete period of 100 days once taking up the practice
So, if you are harried people and you wish to start a breathing technique practice ,you should advise yourself to consider such a termination of sexual life, because it is one of the requirement.

If you think about that is there a byproduct which the breathing technique therapy can bring along You may think so if you have a problem of an excessive accumulation of fat in to w body
Since the job of the breathing technique covers the area which say be divided as follows
1 To stimulate the internal secreting gland
2 To make the coordination of the internal organs
3 To encourage the movement of the entire body joints no matter tiny or huge
4 To induce stomichial secretion and gastri juice
5 To carry out the oxygen saturation
6 To regulate the blood circulation
7 To accomplish the physiological regeneration
8 To balance the brain and to stir the nerve endings
9 To expel foreign body as well as excessive fat and water
In the event a good faith is given and to undertake persistently, a satisfactory result would be in your way , rather than to be a diet follower, or even better than to join a weight lost team Because there is no side effect to be considered, no incurred charges to be considered, everything is under your own control
A tough weigh control can be created if you are purportedly to do so by accompanying any kind of soft exercise before or after the breathing technique practice

The Chinese scientists used the modern instruments and discovered in 1978, that the air flow which once called 'Chi' by ancient Chinese, actually was a kind of substance This human substance is an ultra-red radiance which is created by the regulation of low index circulation.
In 1979, the Chinese scientists further discovered the air flow was a kind of microcosm with charge
Fro the above two discoveries we can now identify that the air flow (phi) is not a mystery , and fro- the external viewpoint it is a substance which everybody can create and develop by using the air depression way
The magic and strange strength like a kind of power originated from a certain sort of substance something resembled to unclear in the body, and- it is developed and refined by the practitioner himself through his continuous experiencing the breathing technique
The omphalos is the place for storage of the nuclear substance, which the Chinese ancients believed it is the prime air carried forward from mother's breath When a child is born, he stretches and stretches can hardly stop, until that kind of prime air is gradually exhausted and turning weak normally about two years
Usually in modern times we often say some one is full of energy ,yet it is uneasy to find a person who can point out where is the holder of the energy ,and how can we refill our energy other than to say by the way of eating more food More nourishing food
An advertisement like a joke in the TV and radio always said
' energize me ' . You can energize yourself by smoking or by drinking, yet it is -only for a limited moment, it cannot last longer, notwithstanding the way forever
The breathing technique when reach advanced level may be substituted for the following five functions
1 Appliance therapy
2 Oxygen therapy
3 Radiant therapy
4 Psychotherapy
5 Biological retrieve therapy
In my personal agreement, and from my personal experiencing viewpoint I guess 'Chi Kung is a way to generate the human bio-electric current, so that a lot of function thereby created
Please keep in mind fresh air is required as a necessary antecedent condition The practice is preferable in the morning before 7 o'clock
No practice should be taken be taken before you have cleaned up yourself and got prepared
You should help yourself out of thinking and should remain thoughtless in your practicing duration other than the procedures and the requirements
You must have a fair schedule before hand , and you must not taken practice all in a hurry. If and when you do not have sufficient available time , you may excuse yourself just cut off the session
It is very important you should always keep a peaceful mind once you enter the breathing technique practice commitment , and you should give up any kind of angry feelings or whatsoever which may annoy you incidentally.
And don't be afraid in case any kind movements either internal or external appeared to you after a certain length of time when you have committed the breathing technique practice.
Tobacco and wine should he reduced to zero, in the event you are concerned with your health ,if you wish to take up the breathing technique practice.
After all , a very quiet circumstance is needed, and should never be disturbed by any cause during the practicing session, even that which may be happened beyond your control
If unfortunately you encounter such unexpected matter, you may notice that silently and should -remain untouched ,then slow down and meditate 3 times in a very gentle way I have to stop now' Then, you can get off the practice, still there is no way to react immediately.
Whether you believe it or not once you commit the breathing technique practice, your trained internal flow air is sensitive and very keen, if you react fast it runs faster, if you got angry it runs violently
If you mind your health and avoid getting hurt you should always keep your temper, not with standing the commitment of the breathing technique practice.