A Case of Thalamic Hemorrhage Concomitantly Treated with Qigong Therapy

Author: Higuchi Y 1//Kotani Y 1//Hayashi Y 2//Momose S 3
1. Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo, Japan) [1]//Musashino Therapy Center (Saitama, Japan) [2]//Momose Clinic (Tokyo, Japan) [3]
Conference/Journal: J Soc Life Info Sci
Date published: 2003
Other: Volume ID: 21 , Issue ID: 2 , Pages: 378-381 , Word Count: 183

This report involves a case of thalamic hemorrhaging that was successfully treated using Qigong therapy. The patient was a 52-year-old housewife. On the day of her hospital admission, she was feeling lightheaded and had dysarthria with right hemiplegia. She was admitted to hospital as a result of losing consciousness. A CT brain scan was immediately performed and revealed hemorrhaging to the left thalamus. She was treated with an intra-cranial decompressive agent and a hemostatic agent, and the clinical course was followed. Qigong therapy was performed for at least 20 minutes every day. She regained normal consciousness on thesecond day in hospital, but had righth emiplegia, sensory disturbance, and hearing impairment, among other symptoms. On the 14th day in hospital, the hemiplegia had almost disappeared and the patient was able to walk without assistance. ACT brain scan performed on the 37th day in hospital revealed that the hemorrhage had been absorbed, and the patient was discharged. This patient's symptoms were treated using modern medical care and Qigong therapy. Futher studies of a larger number of cases using this method are required to determine its usefulness.