Chinese qigong and sexual urge

Author: Cao Fuchong//Qian Shanyan
The First Hospital of Shizushan City, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 241 , Word Count: 478

The theoretical base of Chinese Qigong is Zhouyicentongqi and the Pattern is Taijitu. The Centers attention on 'the Yang of Kan fills the Ying of Li'. At zero o'clock accompany intercourse of the Sun and the Moon, exhibition of human hillockbrain, exercises conditioned reflex of cerebrain inhibits its exhaustion as hibernant, We had explain in detail in Taiji Diagram and QiGong Principle.
There are two forms of inhibits exhaustion :1. Eats Waidan (Steroid in Urine snared Qiushihuandan) or collects Neidian before zero o'clock (Steroid in serum of sexual gland) upward negative feedback inhibits. 2. Idea of cerebrain downward feedback inhibits hillock -Pituitary gland.
Difference of firmly believe about source of Dan i.e. Yang of Can, lead to produce two groups on Chinese history.
North group: Single exercise, they believe steroid in myself body, cerebrain feedback stamp out the sexual desire ,final result is impotence, menses stop.
South group: Man and Women exercise together, their concept of human conduct is letting things take their own course, Steroid take from opposite sex. Cerebrain inhibits send out of seminal fluid but enjoy sexual joyful, human must reproduce, desire is instinct.
Too tangled up to unravel between heavenly principles and human desire, Qigong and sexual urge are long years. Both form effective by practice confirm.
We first confirm: Yuanjing and DNA in reproductive cells, Yuanqi is polypeptide-steroid, Yuanshen is acts of hillockbrain, the three are material base of hillockbrainpituitary gland and its target glands.
Cerebrain can overpower while the day times ,but desire can discover itself as dreamland, Penis hardly before get up, but exhaustion oneself yuanjing ,Yuanqi and lead to life-span shortly. Qigong exercise is watch out for these tendencies and deal with them the moment they cover down.
Exercise course : 1. Collects drugs ,calm cerebrain, accumulates steroid, possible lead to Sexual and Penis hard. 2. hillock brain inhibits , penis soft , but keep small joyful ,have no seminal fluid send out . 3. build conditioned reflex ,have no sexual desire, steroid turns into assimilation of DNA, this is final purpose :rise vigour and wisdom prolong life.
But South group believe: female the more the better for prolong life , The key is increase intercourse, the art is prolong eight
sexual joyful time, but have not seminal fluid send out, the fluid is combination of Yuanjing, Yuanqi, Yuanshen, it stays in human body not only rise vigour but also prolong life.
We agree the maintain of north group, but is dangerous cause: 1. promiscuous 2. both harm other and unbenefit oneself. 3. Controls emotion stop before going too far is not easy. 4. Sexual disease disseminate as Aids, Syphilis... It is only comfortable in man and his wife.
Arts of sexual intercourse of man and his wife, in China was combine with Qigong, had a record history of over 200 years, in bamboo Carvings of Mawangduihanmu and many classical books of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong.
Our treatise have 7000 word explains in detail.