Investigations on the main points of Zhou Yi Cai Tong Qi --applications of taiji diagram

Author: Meng Xianzhong
Research Centre of Human Body Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xian, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 239 , Word Count: 456

ONE: Mystery of Taiji Diagram

1. The relationship between the book of Changes and Zhouyi Caitongqi.
In the Book of Changes the relationship between man and society was investigated to influence events in the world from Heaven Tao, in the other the Tao of Dan was studied and described. the main points were how people overcome diseases, had longevity, developed intelligence, it was a way and a methodology.
In the Book of Changes, it was said that congenital eight divinations, heaven and earth had fixed positions, maintains and swamp let gases through, thunder and wind went on each other, water and fire did not enter. In the Book, the principle of cultivating everything and growing was shown. In Caitongqi the theory mainly described the Dan Tao.

2. Discrimination of Taiji Diagram
Many people may see Taiji diagrams through practice in their body, thus we think the diagram came from people who had ability in Dan Tao, the difference of sources of Taiji Diagram is that the methodology and the practicing way in Caitongqi are divided.

TWO. Twelve Divinations in Caitongqi.

Twelve divinations: Fu, Lin, Tan, Dazhuang, Guan, Qian, Gou, Dui, Pi, Guan, Bo, Kun.
Twelve earthly branches: ZI, CHOU, YAN, MAO,CHEN, SI, MU, WEN, SHEN, YOU, XU, HAI.
The relationships among twelve divinations clearly show the energy stream changes in human body and the up an down law of yin and yang. Furthermore the fire time in qigong practice also is discussed for one day, one moth and one year.

THREE. The rotation of Zhoutian

(1) Congenital eight divinations
Qian is yang, Kun is yin, yang number is 1, yin number is 2, with two numbers together , we can get congenital number 3. According to the directions and the positions of congenital eight divinations , the fire time changes may be obtained. The rotation directions of congenital eight divinations constructs a inverse rotating Taiji Diagram.
Congenital numbers for eight divinations are as follows:

(2) Three fives into one.
The union of three fives into one shows the natural relationships of five elements and the opposites of two directions, finally all are to the diagram's centre.

(3) Postnatal eight divinations.
Post natural numbers are as follows:
Li 9 Zhen 3 San 1 Dui 7
Kun 2 Juan 4 Gen 8 Qian 6
The rotation directions are:1 7 9 3 1 7 9 3 ...6 8 4 2 6 8 4 2 ...from the beginning of Zi. for Zi and Wu, the Taiji lines are in the opposite directions.

FOUR. Summary
The content of Caitongqi indicated long and long ago that people who did Tao had some deep recognition for the movement law of energy stream in the human body. The changes of every stream are a kind of transformation of fields, space, directions and time. However they all follow the law of Taiji Diagram and the lines of that diagram.