Treating vertigo by qigong acupointing

Author: Yan Qilin
Workers’ Cultural Palace, Zhu Zhou City, Hunan, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 213 , Word Count: 654

Vertigo is a disease of many causes. In this article, we focus on Meniere's disease.

Vertigo brings the patient a lot of trouble. The patient often has tinnitus, and hearing problems. Till now, there is no effective cure. Since 1979, I have treated 54 cases of acute vertigo by acupuncture and the effect is good.

I. Clinical Materials
Of the 54 cases , the patients are all females. The Youngest is 48. The oldest 64. Four have been ill for five years and the rest more than ten years.

II. Diagnoses and Criterion of Effect 1. Diagnoses
The disease is acute. And the patient has balancing problem, feeling and sick, with tinnitus and hearing problem.
If the patient has no otitis media or there is no pharmacal poisoning or other causes, he has vertigo.
A. Criterion of Effect
After treatment, those who have no symptoms mentioned above and who can do daily work for more than half a Year are marked Cured. Those symptoms have disappeared partially are marked Better. Those who have no change are marked no effect.

III. The Way of Treatment
1. Acupoints Applying
Acupoints: Bsi Hui, Feng Chi (boule),Da Zhui
Effect of the acupoints: Dredge San yang Jin Qi and adjust blood supply efficiency of spinal ateinary. Feng Chi can also ease worries and brighten eyes, The above acupoints apply to all kinds of vertigo and get the best effect on liver and kidney Yin Xu (insufficiency of body fluid, with irritability thirst, constipation etc. as symptoms). The match of the acupoints is decided by symptoms. To those who have phlegm, Feng Long, su San Li, Sun Yin Jiao and Nei Guan are applied.

2. The Ways of Acupuncture
Make the patient lie down or sit (proper position is important and is the first step). The movement of hands should temper force with softness and is based on a overall analysis of the illness and the patient's condition. Qi is let out from the fingers and reached deep in the affected part, making this part a bit ache and warm, like pins and needles inside. Reinforcing and reducing methods are used according to the patient's condition. The action of the hands should be rhythmical and clear. Improper applying of hands may make the patient faint. Every acupoint is pressed for two minutes. in a word, The hands decide everything.

IV. Effect
Of the 54 cases, 50 are cured. 4 are better. The efficiency is 100%

V. Typical Cases
Chai Jianlan, female, 52 years old, Vice Chairperson of Zhu Zhuo City Trade Union, being ill for 36 years. When struck by the disease, she had a swimming head with vomiting, irritated temper and bad appetite. When serious, she could not get out of bed.If treated with medicine, she might get up in a week the soonest. Sometimes she stayed in bed for half a month. In May,1988,her husband carried her to me for treatment. I acupointed her Feng Chi, Nei Guan, Zu San Li and Sheng yu. Then her head swimming and headache disappeared. Smiles appeared on her face. she walked home without others' help. After three times of treatment,she is cured.
Lu Yaqin, female, Cadre of Zhu Zhuo City Supply & Marketing Building, having had the disease for many years, In October,1988,after catching cold, she had a acute vertigo, head swimming,vomiting and daring not to open her eyes. Every time she was ill, she stayed in bed for more than ten days. After my treatment on a overnow she has never had a relapse.

VI. Conclusion
The way of treating Meniere's disease by Qi Gong Acupointing£ is simple and effective. The efficiency is 100%. Most cases need treatment only once. Few six times. The average four times. Most Oticodinia are caused by soutun stuffy, kidney deficit and disease with such symptoms as costal pain,vomiting,and diarrhea, etc. The acupoints I chose are decided by the over all analysis of the illness and the patient's the effect is apparent.