Relaxation skills for the patient, dentist, and auxiliaries.

Author: Schutt NL//Bernstein DA
Conference/Journal: Dent Clin North Am
Date published: 1986
Other: Volume ID: 30 , Issue ID: 4 , Pages: S93-105 , Word Count: 154

The aforementioned stress reduction techniques can be useful for some people, but not all individuals will benefit to the same degree with a similar technique. Those who manifest severe stress symptoms, such as ulcers, hypertension, and migraine headaches, are advised to seek a medical evaluation before attempting relaxation or any other type of stress reduction method. The relaxation skill most beneficial for an individual's own needs might be best sought through a qualified therapist. Those who desire reduction in general tension, or who wish a rejuvenation during the workday, may well benefit from less controlled stress reduction techniques, such as taped instructions, breathing, and imagery methods. A trained therapist can provide the most appropriate relaxation method for an individual's needs. We, as health care providers, can enlighten our patients about methods which can aid them in dealing with anxiety and stress and thus gain better control over the pace of their lives and ours.