Clinical effects of AST Chiro therapy in a treatment of dysphasia after Wallenberg Syndrome. A case report

Author: Sano K 1//Kitamura Y 2//Suzuki M
St. Columbia University [1]//Tottori University [2]
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 2002
Other: Volume ID: 11 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 27-33 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 134

AST Chiro Therapy was applied to a patient with dysphasia due to Wallenberg syndrome caused by lateral medullar infarction in addition to conventional physiotherapy. The patient became able to eat rice gruel and minced food by himself in ten weeks. Videofluorography taken before and after the treatment showed an improvement of the swallowing function. AST Chiro Therapy could be performed even in the early stage of convalescence requiring bed rest, when the routine physiotherapy was not indicated. Spasticity of the muscle of the neck in the affected side was successfully relieved by this early application, which enhanced the recovery of the swallowing. These results indicate that the AST Chiro Therapy is useful for the treatment of dysphasia. AST Chiro Therapy might be applicable to the rehabilitation of swallowing impairment, in combination with conventional physiotherapy.