Chinese Exercise Helps Seniors

Conference/Journal: LOHAS Newletter
Date published: 2006
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LOHAS Newletter 6/30/06

Chinese Exercise Helps Seniors

A University of Illinois researcher says older adults who practice both Qigong and Tai Chi experienced significant physical benefits after two months. Traditional Tai Chi training includes Qigong, but most contemporary Tai Chi researchers have omitted Qigong from their research, said visiting kinesiology professor Yang Yang. As a result, previous researchers may not have documented all of the health benefits possible from traditional Tai Chi training.

Two studies -- one quantitative, one qualitative -- found that healthy seniors who practiced a combination of Qigong and Tai Chi demonstrated noticeable improvements in laboratory-controlled tests designed to measure balance, lower-body strength and stance width. A subset of participants said Tai Chi and Qigong also enhanced their lives from a mental, emotional and spiritual perspective, according to the researchers. Seniors said, 'Now I can put my socks and jeans on just like I always used to, standing up instead of sitting down,' said Yang.

The findings were presented at the North American Research Conference on Complementary & Integrative Medicine.