'Healing' for cancer patients by integrative medicine

Author: Kotaka S
Kotaka Clinic of Integrative Medicine
Conference/Journal: J Mind-Body Science
Date published: 1999
Other: Volume ID: 8 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 1-7 , Special Notes: Text in Japanese; abstract in English , Word Count: 345

The cure for cancer that takes one third of whole death is a big problem to both patients and their family or therapist including M.D. On the basis of reflection for modern western medicine, the use of complementary and alternative therapies was done since the 1970's. Subsequently new terms have appeared with an apparent lineage moving from alternative to complementary and now to integrative medicine.

By the experience on integrated therapy of 187 cancer patients, I can conclude as follows,
1) All of 31 patients who were determined that here was no cancer cells in whole body by the primary therapy which is operation and/or irradiation and/or chemotherapy, were not make recurrence.
2) Kinds of malignant tumors of 6 cases I have been getting smaller and smaller by integrative medicinal therapy.
3) The prognosis of patients depends on the condition of appetite, sleep, stool and urine, if these general condition keep good and intake of herbal medicine are possible, it will be good.
4) The concept of Mind-Body-relationship in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is different than that in modern Western medicine (MWM). In MWM, there is the basic idea that mind and body are related to each other. Whereas specific substances are recognized as the common cause of disease of both mind and body in TCM, this idea is not popular in MWM. These substances are called Qi-Blood-Liquid, and the functional abnormality of the flow and the volume of them are significant.
5) Disturbance of the Qi condition (loss of volume and disorder of flow similar to the flow of blood) is especially deleterious to the health. Blood and Liquid are made from Qi; therefore, including the idea of Yin and Yang, therapy for Qi is the most important for both physical and mental disturbances. So for patients who show symptoms of disturbance in both mind and body, treatment for the abnormality of the Qi and/or Blood and/or Liquid is useful.
6) Work by a kind of religious mind and secret act of charity, which was done in the under consciousness, may be more important for healing of cancer