Initial findings on exo-breathing of athletes’ pre-competition adjustment

Author: Xiang Hanping
Hubei School of Textile Industry, Hubei, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 142 , Word Count: 1083

In the strenuous sports competition some athletes often lack of certain experience, facing to the spectacle of competition, they are overcome with fear, and can't adapt to the new circumstances, it seems that they are exerted a great psychological pressure, these psychological changes cause them off balance between excitation and inhibition of their cerebral cortexes and in unsteady state. Tension and exaltation express to a different degree, these early excitement also results in correspondent psychological changes, for instance, endocrine and blood sugar increase, respiration and heart rate quicken, blood pressure rises, muscle tone heightens. These psychological and physiological changes exert an influence on athletes' normal performance level, these factors can't be ignored. In order to overcome them we should take pre-competition training and self-suggestion method etc. For well adjusting the unhealthy pre-competition psychological emotion, we tried to use exo-breathing direction method to adjust and help athletes steady their emotions, eliminate their psychological canges and some disturbances from outside, and keep calmness before competition. Because calmness and sleeping may make them keep fit and energy, thus, they may exert their high sports level and create good conditions for raising their athletic results.

Research Method
At the athletic Meet held by middle school and colleges for professional training in South-central Area in Wuhan in July 1988, from the events of Track and Field in the Meet we selected some athletes as objects. During the competition we measured their heart rate, respiration rate, and blood pressure, these three indexes, used the exo-breathing direction to adjust them in calm for 30-40 minutes, then measured them again by the three indexes, we learned about their post-competition subjective feeling and results to compare, analyze and discuss.

Result and Analysis

1. Table of comparison and analysis of the results before and after exo-breathing direction.

It can be seen that Xu Renxiang and Zuo Ronghan had no results, Wang Junsheng's result dropped remarkably because of his injury. So there was no point in analyzing the results of these three. The results of Zia Wenkai, Zhang Fuan and Fan Ying kept or above the stable results after competitionm, but compared with the best results, there existed a certain disparity, some athletes respond that the results might be exerted influence on the Meet's competition time; (1) They had not had series of systematic training before the competition, only for a short time to train, but due to after graduation exams. (2) The temperature was excessive during training and competition, it reached to about 40 degree C., greatly interfered with athletes appetite and sleep, in the case between the best and the stable results, athletes' results had not been broken, but the exo-breathing direction had no harmful influence to athletes, and the playing role to those athletes was stable and reliable.

2. The pre and post direction of exo-breathing physiological indexical diagram and analysis
Then we took two typical diagrams to analyze: It shows the pre and post direction of exo-breathing physiological indexical changing diagram of Zou Ronghan, it shows which of Xu Renxiang, where a,b,c indicate the basic index, the indexes of pre and post direction. It indicates that three of basic indexes are normal, the exo-breathing pre-direction heart rate was 96 times/min., respiration rate 25 times/min., the index was higher, blood pressure was 80/85 mm Hg, which was lower than basic one, 20 mm Hg, combining these 3 indexes looked at the curve, it indicates; Zou Ronghan fell in a shock disease caused by tension precompetition, her organic physiological function was disorder.

After the exo-direction, the heart rate decreased to 84 times/min., respiration rate decreased to 23 times/min., blood pressure heightened to 90/96 mm Hg, and lower than the basic index 10 mm Hg. From the indexes' changing, it can be known to trend in normal developing.Shock was decreasing ,it denotes that Zou Rong-han's physiology was- adjusted to a certain degree, under the exobreathing direction.

Pre-direction of the heart rate 72 times/min., respiration rate to 17 times/min., blood pressure to 110/75 mm Hg, the index showed that pre-coupetition Zu Renxiang's psychology was in normal and good. After direction heart rate decreased to 54 times/min., respiration rate decreased to 14 times/min., blood pressure 100/65 mm Hg, comparing to the basic index there was no evident deviation, it indicated under the exo-breathing direction Zu Renxiang's metabolic level adjusted, it also respond that he wasn't influenced by the disturbance from outside at that time. He kept in calm and stable state in his physiology and psychology.

3. After direction subjective sensation and analysis
We can know that except Fan Ying all other five students set in calm to a different degree. Three of them fell asleep, but no dreams, felt well after awakening, it indicated that the athletes under the exo-breathing direction and active cooperation could eliminate the outside's disturbance, overcome psychological unhealthy influence, the cerebral cortex was in inhition, and the physical body had and active rest.


1. The above tests improved the athletes cooperated the exobreathing direction of Qigong at certain time, entered into a calm and sleeping state. It made the cerebral cortex in a protecting inhibition. It also could protect these very sensitive and frail cortex cell's function loosing, caused by long overexciting. Meanwhile, other systems can also have an active rest. In inhibition athletes, psychological uneasy to be got rod of, and eliminate the outside' disturbance, dissolve tension, excitation, and early exaltation. After the direction, the athletes' self feeling is good. No unhealthy tendencies exists. After competition the results stable.

2. Under the direction of exo-breathing athletes' different physiological indexes have a corresponding changes. The activity of automatic nervous system which is in tension is abnormal. Heart and respiration are quicken, blood pressure lower. Cooperating with exobreathing direction, the automatic nervous is adjusted to a certain degree. The heart, respiration retained blood pressure turn to normal. The organic activity is improved. The physiological functional metabolism level of the body is higher. In such a case, cooperated the exo-breathing direction these three indexes decrease and lower than before. It is not only decrease heart, respiration organic energy loss, but the body's metabolism level decrease to the lowest basic metabolism level as well. So, the energy loss is saved. To make up and use the physical energy has its certain value.

In general, preparatory cooperation with exobreathing direction, athletes can overcome preparatory psychological disorder, and can get an active rest, save and store energy, raise sports efficiency, especially benefit to those sports events which need great energy and to last for a long time, for getting the excellent results to create the favorite conditions.