The curative effect observed for 24 (cancer) cases under my emitted qigong treatment

Author: Chen Guoguang
Zhaotong City, Yuannan, China
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 141 , Word Count: 462

I treated 24 cases of cancer by the use of 'outward Qigong' of them are 9 males and 15 females, the oldest being 75 and the youngest 18, of the case history the longest being 12 years and the shortest 8 months. All of these cases, comprising 14 kinds of cancer (i.e., in different parts of the body), were examined and diagnosed by qualified physicians. What a cancer patient suffers most is an unwell feeling and pains. The fist step when he is under treatment is to help cure of his pain. In an ancient Chinese medical book we read, 'where there is a pain, there must be some part in the body blocked up the pain removes when such a part become dredged.' Applying this theory, a Qigong doctor makes use of his 'Waiqi' (outside breathing) to put in order the patient's blocked breathing, bloods sputum and undigested food. The doctor concentrates his effort to stimulating the circulation of the blood through the 'jing' (channel) the patient falls ill with. Stimulation may at the same time be applied to other channels.

Curative effects. Seven patients take effect, accounting for 29.17%. The pain has gone down, the swelling softened and lessened to an extent, appetite and sleep getting better, stool times and blood in the stools reduced.

Notable effects. Thirteen patients take notable effect, accounting for 54.17%. The pain has greatly gone down, the hard swelling softened and lessened. The patient can get up; free bowel movement; the blood in the stool stopped; the tumor prevented from proliferation; metrorrhagia ceased.

Dialectically, what is important is to find the root cause. The focus of cancer is often covered by external symptoms. The patient is often overcome by fear of death. It is important to comfort him and help him to cherish confidence with lift.

'Outward Qigong' treatment being without definite, concrete form, the curative effects depend largely upon the cooperation of the patient with the doctor.

In my treatment of the patien, he felt a special air current in his main and collateral channels. This, too, helps prove true the theory of 'Jing' (main and collateral channels) of traditional Chinese medical science, the existence in life of the current of 'Qigong, and the effectiveness of the treatment from far away.'

My outward Qigong curing is characterized by the following: each cure time needs only 1 to 3 minutes; the patient needn't take off his or her dresses and feels no pain; and the curative effect comes very soon (the patient under treatment usually feels better). It is worth noting that, when the Qigong doctor sends out his special breathing, he must not stab the 'Ashi Point' in order not to stimulate the cancer cells and thus cause their proliferation and metastasis.

This thesis is supplemented with a detailed narration of 6 separate cases.