Qigong utilized in observing the effects of eliminating the fatigue after physical training

Author: Li Changyin
Teaching Research Office of Physical Culture, Branch of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Beijing, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 139 , Word Count: 760

The implication of 'sports' really means an essential, social practice for human beings. For the posterior effect of physical training, or the exceeding recovery, can improve the function of human body and develop the level of his health.

If you want to achieve a good effect of exceeding recovery, you should have enough energy to be given to be engaged in sports, to reach, to some extent, a complete fatigue, while having physical training. After that, you can take an efficient way to bring about the exceeding recovery, hereafter, to get rid of fatigue and improve your health.

One of the purposes of physical culture class is to raise the level of the students' health. So whether the sports fatigue is efficiently eliminated in a class is treated as one of the marks to measure the quality of the teachings of physical culture.

Considering the female students' physical conditions and state in sports training, I have composed, by myself, a series of Qigong exercises, called 'Yi Yu shou qiao' Qigong. (It is paraphrased and interpreted later in this essay.) The female student are asked to do this Qigong exercises for five minutes just before the ending of the class. By doing so, the students very soon get rid of their sports fatigue. As a results, the students are very satisfied with this series of exercises of Qigong.

This series of 'Qigong Exercise' is as follows:

There are 24 female students from Grade one on the physical cultures, 21 students have achieved successful result. Only 3 students have gained no effect just because they refused doing it, according to the investigation. The following table summarizes the results of the investigation:

Total Fatigue Quickly- Being Energetic Being Fan of Doing
Number Eliminated the same Evening this Qigong

Number % Number % Number %
24 21 87.9 8 33.3 3 12.5

The Ways of Doing This Qiong Exercise:

1. Standing as at ease as possible without thinking of anything. (about 60 seconds).
Following the teacher's guiding words, the students practice themselves. The guiding words: Standing at more ease with the two legs apart and keep the same distance between the two feet as that of one's shoulders; relax the shoulders and waist; keep the knees bent slightly and the head upright and the chin tight; with the eyes closed and with the tongue licking and breathing naturally.

2. Imaginary Bathing: (about 180 seconds)
The students are doing this Qigong exercise by following the teacher's guidance. The guiding words: You just imagine that you are having a bath of shower. The water is lukewarm and you are feeling the water flowing slowly from the head to the limbs as well as the whole body. The fatigue substances such as lactic acid, sweat, metabolism matters and so on are being washed away from the inside and the outside body.
The first imaginary bathing: Just imagine that the luke warn water is washing and flowing from the head, then the water is coming down to the shoulders and the chest, and then it is washing the arms; then waist and the hipbone the legs as well as the toes.
The second time and the third time of the imaginary bathing are the same as the first time of that. Still it is done by the students themselves.

3. Guarding the key acupuncture points:(about 60 seconds)
The students are doing this Qigong exercise by following the teacher's guidance. The guiding words: Just think of a mass of air between the acupuncture point of umbilicus and that of gate of vitality (the area between the kidneys, generally regarded as the source of vitality), moving forward and backward repeatedly; its size is becoming from big to small; its speed is going from fast to slow; finally it remains in the middle of this area. After stopping thinking of it, open the eyes with the whole process ended by rubbing hands and the face.

Before learning this Qigong exercise, the students felt too tired to do their own lessons in the evening whenever they had finished the physical training. Having done this Qigong exercise, from the figure in this essay, you can see the different results. This effect can prove and indicate Qigong can not be under estimated on the fields of psychology and physiology of human body. Further more, 12.5% of the students are doing this Qigong actively after class. From this we can say Qigong could be accepted by the young students. I think there is a large base in schools and colleges to get the Qigong carried out and the development and improvement of the Qigong teaching and training should be engaged on a large scale.