A brief view of Kong Jin qigong?s influence on immunologic function

Author: Jang Jaming
Jiangsu Province Qigong Association, Jiangsu, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 131 , Word Count: 579

The immune system is one of results in evolution of living things, and it only exists in the human body of vertebrates. In order to explore qigong's mechanism of strengthening human body and curing diseases, and supply some way for protecting or curing diseases, we do initial attest from the angle of study immunity.

I. Persons of Investigation

Twenty-five students studying in elementary Kong Jin Qi Gong class are observed the male are thirteen, females twelve. The oldest is sixty-nine and the youngest is forty. Their average age is fifty-three. Their state of health is eight hypertension cases, five coronary heart disease cases, five arthritis cases, rhintis case and chronic again cases are three, four cases (chloecystitis, neurospsm, diabetes), and persons of health are three cases. Some persons suffer more than one disease.

II. Content and Method of Investigation

1. These twenty-five cases have trained at Kong Jin Qi Gong class for three months, and they trained collectively forty minutes
every morning, and in spare time they find time train Gong each person about one hour every day.

2. We take repous[?] blood each time as they twenty-five begin training and after there months, and contrast three immune globulin (IgG, IgA , and IgM) from beginning to end, test in same laboratory, so that can be compared.

III. Result and Analysis

1. The method of determination to immune globulin is agar diffusion method. The normal value of three immune globulin is IgC 800-1600 mg/dI, IgA, 150-300 mg/dI, IgM 70-300 mg/dI.

2. With contrast and observing the above-mentioned after three months. (IgA and IgM). The volume of IgA and IgM have less changed and haven't obvious disparity through statistics. Twenty-five cases have different increment in IgC except one case, and the value rising obvious. Two test values through statistics are:
Before training Gong, X1=1167 mg/dI, Sl=235 mg/dI.
After training Gong, X2=1524 mg/dI, S2=205 mg/dI,
P<0.001, the difference is very obvious.

3. We find through contrast before training Gong that high IgC have nothing to do with the condition of health that it is regardless of sex , age and health condition, all have different increment.

4. Observing the objectors in No. 25, eight people are early to catch cold before doing qigong. After three months of doing qigong, three of them never catch cold again, the rest seldom catch cold. Three persons who suffered the symptom of chronic pharyngitis have been improved obviously, after doing qigong, ninety-five percent who do qigong feel better in high energy, food quariling[?] increased, sleeping improved. Physics strengthened to different degrees.

IgC is a very important material of liquid immunity. It not only contains a lot quaintly but also last longer in human body. So IgC plays a very important role in immunity. IgC has the function of antibiosis antitoxie and outer sphere rivus, etc. In many immunologic. After having observed No.25, IgC has increased when you finished doing qigong for three months. It shows directly that qigong has the function of immunity to human body. Air force qigong has the function of strengthening and adjusting unity, the key point is that it has a set of special basic theoretical foundation. To be more exact, it is an adjustment in whole body, therefore through doing qigong, you can strengthen your body's ability of immunity. The principle is that qigong's theory has efficient connection with modern science. The deeper research for us to study further is how to practice and go on science experiment in checking it.