An exploration of qigong and number (thirteen and Friday)

Author: Zhang Yubao
Xi Zhou Sports Association, Qing Hai Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 124 , Word Count: 1067

Reading of the translated article named 'Thirteen and Friday' made me emerge a sense of probing into it. Since 'Thirteen and Friday' has been called 'ghost day' abroad. From Qigong's point of view, 'Thirteen and Friday' is the coincidence of two numbers. As a matter of fact, many people (including Prime Minister , Premier, President) really feel unpleasant about it, all considering it as the symbol of death and fierce. We'll make it clear by answering it according to Qigong's forming from heart and heart from 'Changes'.

I. Qigong and Number mentioned in the book
Qigong was first mentioned in the book 'Lin Jian Zi' written by Xu Xun in Jin Dynasty. It said: 'If Qi has been success, the bones and muscles would have been gentle, all the joints would have been the free circulation.' The three main points of Qigong are harmony, relaxation and feeling at once.

According to Lao Zi, a China's ancient philosopher's 'Book of Morality', the 'Tao gives birth to me, one to two, three to all creatures on earth. 'One is the beginning of Tai Ji, and also the beginning of numbers. Two is the two aspects of all creatures. That is Yin-Yang, contradiction, firm and gentle, just like that three are daytime and nighttime in one whole day, summer and winter in one year, positive and negative in numbers. A Qigong beginner's method of practicing has a deep connection with number. Starting from reading numbers silently, one can gradually go into a sense of calmness. ( one ,two three....) that can control the distracting thoughts coming out every time he takes a rest, he also reads the numbers silently, the movements of the body are also connected with number.

'Thirteen and Friday ' in the translated article is the coincidence of two numbers. In China, people are not so familiar with it. People abroad consider 'Thirteen and Friday' as the symbol of the date of death and fierce. For years was nailed on the cross on Friday. British queen Elizabeth traveled in Federal Germany in 1965, her train was scheduled to start at the thirteenth platform. Officials hurriedly changed the sign into twelve a. To explain the mutual responses among person-nature-society with 'Book of Changes'. officials changing the sign gave the queen a good information. Combining nature and person into one. Person must triumph over nature.

II. Time, Position and Number of Qigong:
Qigong practitioners consider Zi the period of the day from 11 p.m. to 1 a.m. and wu (the period of the day from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.) to be the best practicing time. Talking the changing shape of Yin yang of the Twenty-Four Solar Terms, the practitioners can make the nature correspond with person, can exert a great energy and best effort. Still, there exists the great difference in geographical features (body condition-nature condition-social condition). For instance, the practitioner is a high-lander for generations, who does exercise with an elevation over 3,000 meters. Then the proportion of his effect is four to six. Then a plain practitioner's one month exercise is the high lander's two and half month's exercise. There are four seasons, twenty-four solar terms and 366 1/4 days is one year. But there is always errors in actual practicing days. Because of the speed of movement of the Sun and the Moon is not the same, then six solar months are 30 days, six lunar months are 29 days. There are eleven days' time difference between the Sun and the Moon's moving speed. In order to make up for the missed days, we have a small leap year every three years and a big leap year every five years. Ending the movements at the eighteenth year. The meeting of 'Thirteen and Friday' is the tallied day made by the missing time, degree and day of the movements of the Sun and the Moon and the joint point of Yin-Yang. For instance: there are three 'Thirteen and Friday ' in 1998. They are February, March, and November. According to the difference of each person's physiology, psychology and the time and position that the individuals is in, the orderly active movements of all human body and creatures on the earth and the difference of social and natural condition change gradually. If one can know the coming of 'Numbers', one certainly can control himself. One can take YinYang's growth and decline calmly with science.

III. Information and Number of Qigong
Qigong practitioner has a deep feeling that 'Qi' itself is out of sight and touch, no small either. Each person is not the same according to his own skill, especially when it has something to do with one's mood. The information that each practitioner gets is not the same, only himself can feel it. Qigong's information has been known by people today. It has been proved that there really has 'Qi', 'electric field effect', 'energy' etc. It is impossible to measure its speed, light energy and heat energy by the natural number. <<Power of Understanding >> written by Zhong Be Rei in Shong Dynasty explained 'Fu' can produce 'Huo' (bad luck), 'Hwo' also can produce 'Fu', 'Fu' can be changed into 'Ruo', 'Huo' can be changed into 'Fu'. They influence each other, supplement each other and complement each other. The changing of it can bring out the sense of slighter, disaster will also be changed into good fortune just in a moment of turning one's hand over. If one can use idea to control it, one can change the disaster idea into a normal mood, one can change the bad information into the good one, the disaster could certainly be avoided. But the great nature is available. Things always have some sudden changes. For instance, the accidents of planes, trains and buses in modern today always have some omen before the accidents happen. Nowadays, in order to deal with the quick changes of daily things, biology clock has been need as a new method of prevention to control people. For instance, JiNan Railway Bureau in Shengdong Province has already used a kind of badly biology clock to arrange the deviance and their assistants 'work. This greatly avoids and decrease accidents.

Information and Number of Qigong maintain a close link with each other. Let's finish the article by using one of the sentences of 'Book of CHANGES.' The phenomena of nature can stipulate number and number can symbol the phenomena of nature.