A clinical study of effects of qigong treatment on 32 sports injuries

Author: Nie Jungfeng
Physical Training Dept, Xi’an Physical Training Institute, Xi'an, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 115 , Word Count: 1085

l. Preface

There are many methods to treat sports injuries in the world. In the field of sports medical science, people are making research on qigong's special use for them. Now I'll show you 32 cases to expound how qigong treat the 3 sports injuries.

2. Object of Study and the Methods

(1) Sex and Age of the Cases:

Male: 25 persons
Female: 7 persons

Among the 32 cases, the oldest is 29 years old and the youngest is 16.

(2) Types of the Injuries:

1) Acute closed soft tissue injury (early stage and middle stage);
2) Chronic in jury.

(3) Doctor's Diagnosis:

(4) Evaluation of Curative Effect:

Full recovery
Obvious effect
No effect

(5) Methods of Qigong Treatment:

The natural vital energy of supplying losing and dredging is used simultaneously. I have been practicing on the natural vital energy of 'Rapid Qigong,' basing on the principles of 'when people are saoless, we suooly it; when people are forceful, we lost it; and when people are silted, we dredge it.' We make the affected part achieve balance between the negative and be in the state of calmness.


1) Injecting on the acupuncture point of affected part:

Give vital energy by forefinger on Ahshi, import the qigong information, guide the idea, adjust vital energy.

2) Injecting by following the main and collateral channels to lead the acupuncture point:

Inject vital energy to follow the local of the main and collateral channels, or far away from the acupuncture point. That is to say: cure the upper sick part through the lower part or legs with the acupuncture point or the main and collateral channels on it usually the methods are:

l) Injecting the acupuncture point by finger:
Use the method of dibbling, pressing, pinching, pulling, dragging, etc. (not touch the affected part), think gasification, dredge by following the main and collateral channels.

2) Method of burning off direction:
Giving out vital energy to the affected part with Laogong acupuncture point, the distance is 8 - 20 cm.

3) Method of tremor:
Bend the pals naturally, tremor rapidly on the affected part, guide by following the main collateral channels.

4) Curing technique of substance phenomenon:
Under the control of body magnetic field of qigong master guide by the notion, use the natural substance, such as wind, fire etc, inject the vital energy into 'Mingmen', then let it come out of finger and take effects on the focus, the acupuncture point, and the main and collateral channels, so we can achieve the purpose of treatment.

5) Curing method of dibbling the acupuncture point:
Give out vital energy by dibbling and pressing with the thumb.

6) Curing method of metal:
Turn two setting up balls on the palm, import the information of qigong, one ball on the affected part, hold the other one and give out vital energy to the affected part with needle of qigong.
7) Curing method of thought:
Think by concentrating on the affected part, read silently small, dismissing, leaving, going, gasification etc. and give out vital energy to cure.

3.Cases Analysis

(1) Mechanism of treatment:

The outer vital energy has the characteristics of substance, energy, and information. The effectiveness of the outer energy has something to do with the mental activities of the qigong master. Who imports his own energy with treatment information into the patient, adjusting ideas pushes forward the energy, starts the main and collateral channels of the patient, and improves the adjusting function of the patient. Moreover, when the qigong master exercises qigong, his thought is concentrated on the different point and it will make the different effects unanimous with the function of its gland of radiation: If ideas go toward the 'Dantian', the gland of radiation become adrenal the function has the use of curing injuries. It can stop bleeding and resist the inflammation, which is similar to adrenocortical hormone medicine. By this, it improve the function of supersession and immunity and strengthens the emergency ability of the body to recover the sports function.

(2) Analysis of effects:

According to the statistical graph, the total rate of effectiveness is 93.8%. The probability tells us that the number of people who have recovered, have obvious effect, that of these who have effect. It is thus clear that the outer vital energy is effective for the treatment of sports.

Twenty-seven people among the thirty-two cases began to have normal activities after only one treatment. Twenty-four people can continue their training or competition. One of the patients, who had suffered a lot tense syndrome before the 24th sports meeting of our institute, the result was 3'30''. This tells us that the outer vital energy can ease the tenseness before competition. From the observation and investigation, we can see the fully recovered without relapse after receiving qigong cure.

Such obvious effect has something to do with the following factors:

l) It has something with the person who gives energy:
If the person giving energy depends on his own subjective initiative, arouses the potential ability in the patient, constantly supplies the sources of energy, receives natural energy, gives it while supplying it, applies proper methods, with the best knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, learn from famous qigong master with an open mind, works hard, sums up techniques for treatment, he will greatly improve the rate of effectiveness.

2) It has something to do with the patient's sensitivity:
The outer energy,though being an information far from body, can be felt by the second and resemble to 'getting vital energy in acupuncture and moxibustion. The outer energy the patient receives works with his own energy. The patient should be relaxed without resisting ideas. The more he relax, the better treatment he will get.

3) It has something to do with the fact whether the patient exercises qigong:
Qigong helps to make the activities of the living body more in order, and the activities of the center nerve system be more coordinate. The person who has exercised qigong receives qigong information more easily, adjusts the order of the bioelectric current more quickly and recovers the function of the body quickly.


The observation and analysis of the above mentioned cases shows that qigong is effective for the treatment of sports injuries and for easing the tenseness before the competition. It distinguishes from other treatment in that: it takes a short tine, it has short period of treatment and obvious effect convenient. It is easy for the patient to practice so that he can take part in the competition earlier. However it is a gaps to prove athletic achievement in control and telesetive of qigong in sports health protection, training and competition.