Preliminary study of qigong effect on anti-aging

Author: Wang Zhengchang//Huang Jian////
Shanghai Qigong Institute, Shanghai, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 113 , Word Count: 456

It had already reported that the old persons died mostly in pulmonary-heart diseases and encephalo-angeiodiscase except cancer. It related to 'Kidney-Qi' in TCM. When Ye Tianshi analyzed the medical record he said, 'men to ageing, Xiayuan first get deficiency.' During studying 'Kidney-Nature' in TCM Chen Jiyin put forward that 'Kidney-' closely related to hypothesis -adrenocorticis. The 'Kidney' getting from deficiency to ageing, it is due to metabolic disorder of endocrine system in hypothesis -adrenocorticis as axle center. It was observed that the value of testosterone (T) over estradiol (E2) was reversed. In the paper, we selected lymphocyte transformation test (LTT),serum total cholesterol(TC), serum triglyceride (TG), high density lipoprotein (HDL) and T/E2 as target and observed how it was effected after practising qigong for a long time. We tried to expound it's act of ageing.

This was divided two parts. First, 35 old persons who have been practised qigong for over 3 years and 90 old persons who didn't practice Qigong as control in Shanghai and Hangzhou were observed. It were show that the LTT was raised significantly (the mean increase 2.9%, p<0.05), the TC was lowered significantly (the mean increase 26.2 mg %, p<0.01), the TG was lowered too (the mean decrease 15.7 mg %), the HDL was raised significantly (the mean increase 6.1 mg %, p<0.05), in men the T/E2 was raised significantly (the mean increase 3.6, p<0.05) and in women the T/E2 was lowered significantly (the mean decrease 0.8, p<0.05) in the groups of practicing qigong compared to that in the group of control other, it was observed that 42 case.of patients was treated by qigong for 3 years months. It was found that the LTT was raised (the mean increase l.l%), the TC was lowered significantly (the decrease 13.2 mg %, p<0.05), the TG was lowered significantly too (the mean decrease 23.1 mg %, p<0.06), the HDL didn't change significantly, in mean the T/E2 was raised significantly (the mean increase 10.8, p<0.01) and in women the T/E2 didn't change significantly after practicing qigong for 3 months compared to that before.

The results above objectively confirmed qigong effects on anti-ageing.

Qigong effect on anti ageing is found in the ancient books .in the paper, it think that 'Kidney-Qi ' was increased in the body if he persists in practicing qigong for a long time. Then, the immune function is promoted. When practicing qigong, we usually mind our self 'Dantian.' Through our mind go in to quiet, the 'Dantian' is thought to be 'Yuanqi' producing in it and source of life. We mind ourselves 'Dentain' so the 'Foundation' may be consolidated and 'Yuan' may be recovered. Because the 'Yuan' is recovered, the 'Foundation' is consolidated and true 'Qi' is stored, human survival time could be prolonged.