Preliminary observation on influence of spontaneous Wuqinxi qigong on human immune function

Author: Zhang Yong//Luo Shipin//Wu Yalin
People’s Hospital of Songzi Country, Hubei Province, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 101 , Word Count: 353

This paper reports an immunological development observation concerning that 16 cases of patients, under strictly controlling the obstruction of immune factors, did qigong from beginning to end. It was found that the doing qigong was of dual regulation effect to the immune function of human body fluid, and of strengthening effect to the immune function of cells. Now the content is introduced as follows.

In the 16 cases, in which 14 cases of the male, 2 cases of the female, their age range 21-46 years old. Among them, Shizheng patients were 9 and Xuzheng patients were 7. The doing qigong time was a half mouth to one year counted from the beginning of the appearing spontaneous motion, doing qigong 1-2 times a day, 0.5-1 hours per time. We tested the immunity globulin C, immunity globulin A, immunity globulin M (IgC, IgA, IgM) of blood sera before and after doing qigong, and tested lymphocyte transformation test (LTT).

The IgG content (x+Sd/L, the follows is the same as this) of blood sera of Shizheng patients, decreased from 17.622±2.733 before doing qigong to 14.350±2.630 after doing qigong (p<0.001), and the IgG from 2.490±1.214 to 1.541±0.719 (p<0.05), and the IgG from 1.831±1.022 to 1.368±0.829 (p>0.05). The IgG content of blood sera of Xuzheng patients, increased from 11.570±2.408 before doing qigong to 15.021±2.954 after doing qigong (p<0.05), and the IgA from 1.623±0.304 to 1.820±0.287 (p>0.05), and the IgM from 1.594±0.685 to 1.942±1.054 (p>0.05). Those arithmetic means after doing qigong were not remarkable difference comparing with the healthy people's (p>0.05).

The LTT of 11 cases of patients increased from 52.64±6.60% before doing qigong to 62.09±9.30% after doing qigong (p<0.02). It was not remarkable difference comparing with the healthy people's (p>O.O5).

The IgG, IgA, and IgM contents of blood sera and the LTT of the patients having done qigong for a half month to one year different length of time, were all not notable difference from the healthy people's, which showed that the patients having done qigong for a short time, the disorder immune function can be recovered, and will be kept in normal state with the postponement of doing qigong time.Zhang, Yong//Luo, Shipin//Wu, Yalin