Abnormal effects in measurements of parapsychology

Author: Zhu Nianning//Luo Xing//Zhen Tianming
Yunnan University, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 81 , Word Count: 226

In order to investigate parapsychology's nature, our scientists have made a lot of work using normal instruments. Signals are being tested by many instruments. Basis on these experiments. This article points out: in tests, those being tested by optical instruments are not only light; those being tested by magnetic instruments are not only magnetism, those being tested by displacement transducers are not only displacement; those being tested by nuclear radiation testers are not nuclear radiation .... this is a kind of common phenomena
in parapsychological radiation tests, called un–normal effect.

Parapsychology phenomena, some worked in mind, some are worked in no corresponding mind, or worked in another mind.

Experiments showing, when the phenomena of no-mind occurs, there are parapsychological radiations. So we can get a conclusion that many parapsychological phenomena are some kinds of parapsychological radiations. In spite of these parapsychological radiations are mind or no-mind. When the radiations are strong enough, the parapsychological phenomena occurred. Parapsychological phenomena are accomplished by parapsychological radiation. Parapsychological phenomena are the results of muture acts of substances, are not pure mind process. Acts of mind produce parapsychological radiation and occurred parapsychological acts with objects.

The parapsychological radiation of human body is subjective. Its character is also very strong. Now we know them not so clear. Deep investigating will give us a way to know the parapsychological of human body widely.