Sixty Cases of Cervical Spondylosis Treated with Qigong

Author: Feng Z//Lei Z//Wang D//Yao Y////
Qigong Convalescent Group, Chengdu Cadre Sanatorium
Conference/Journal: Qigong & Health
Date published: 1991
Other: Volume ID: 1 , Issue ID: 1 , Pages: 23-27 , Word Count: 164

It is reported in this paper that 115 patients with cervical spondylosis (CS) were divided of their accord into two groups for treatment: group A (60 cases) treated with 4i80n8 and group B (55 cases) treated with mechanical traction with therapeutic results compared. Short-term curative effect achieved in three months showed the superiority of qigong treatment to mechanical traction, the effective rate of group A being 86.7% and that of group B 78.2% (p>0.05) [ed. p<0.05?]. Half a gear later, long-term follow-up results showed that qigong treatment was far better than mechanical traction, for the effective rate of group A increased to 95% while that of group B dropped to 43% (p<O.OO1). Pathogenesis of cervical spondylosis is discussed in the paper with the conclusion that qigong is a new convalescent therapy of cervical spondylosis may help solve the difficult problem of high recurrence rate of non-operative treatment of cervical spondylosis and increase its clinical cure rare.

Article includes six tables of data and six figures.