The effect of qi on making laser holographic grating

Author: Tian Laike 1//Zhang Jiyue 1//Zhang Yuanming 2
Physical Dept, Northwestern University [1] //Commercial Bureau, Wenjiang County, Sichuan Province, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 75 , Word Count: 615

Human body is a huge complex system, and therefore to find out the secrets about it involves multi-disciplinary synthetical studies.

The experimental conditions were the same as those for making a 70 lines/mm crossing grating. Under those conditions, a holographic crossing grating was first made with no action from the qigong master. And then, with the action of qi (vital energy) from the master on the laser beam, another holographic grating was made. Comparing the two, the results showed obvious changes. The distribution of spatial frequencies on the holographic plate is shown in the following (unnumbered) diagram:

crossing the highest level of distance of diffraction
grating diffraction pattern fring (mm)

horizontal vertical horizontal vertical

no action 1 1 5.3 5.3

tioned action 4 5 3 2.5

tioned action 3 3 4 3.5

The above illustrates that qi has obvious influence on making laser holographic grating.

1. Effect on diffraction level: the relative changes of diffractive levels due to the action of qi are shown in Diagram 1:

action relative rising of diffractive orders (%)

horizontal vertical

tioned action 300 400

tioned action 200 200

Diagram 1

The results make it clear that the action of qi on making laser holographic grating raised the diffractive efficiency considerably.

2. Effect on the distance between diffractive orders: the changes in the distance between diffractive orders due to the action of qi are shown in Diagram 2:

action relative changes in distance (%)

horizontal (X) vertical (Y)

tioned action 43.4 52.8

tioned action 24.5 33.9

Diagram 2

3. Effect on spatial frequency: the changes in spatial frequencies of the grating made with the action of qi are shown in Diagram 3:

action spatial frequency (mm^-1) its relative changes (%)
Vx Vy delta Vx delta Vy

no action 70 70

tioned action 40 33 42.9 52.9

tioned action 53 46 24.3 34.3

Diagram 3

4. Optics like media effect: why did the spatial frequencies change of the holographic grating made with the action of qi?

From the formula in the unabridged paper, the following can be deduced: V = beta/lambda

Here, lambda for wavelength is a constant, so V changes only when beta changes. That is to say, beam 1, when acted upon by the qi emitted by the qigong master, changed presumably its direction, resulting in the changes of the angle between beam 1 and beam 2 thus the changes in the spatial frequencies of the grating.

According to the formula, beta = V lambda, the following changes of the angle between beam 1 and bean 2, when acted upon by qi , can be obtained, as shown in Diagram 4:

action angles of beta 1 and beta 2 changes in angles
( degree) (degree)

beta x beta y delta beta x delta beta y

no action 2.52 2.52

tioned action 1.43 1.20 1.09 1.32

tioned action 1.95 1.66 0.57 0.86

Diagram 4

The above shows that, with the action of qi, the direction of the beams will change and the greatest change can reach 1.32 according to the law of light refraction,

n1/n2 = Sin alpha 1/Sin alpha 2

with no action of qi, let air refraction index n=1, and as for the respective angles beta 1 beta 2 of beam 1 and beam 2 with the vertical, perpendicular to the screen, let beta l = beta 2 = 0.022 rad. Whereas with the action of qi, the directions of the beams will change, and the angles beta 1 beta 2 are: beta 1 = beta 2 = 0.0105 rad.

Hence: n2 = Sin alpha 1/Sin alpha 2 = approx. 0.022/0.0105 = approx. 2.1

That's to say, in this experiment, the same changes of the beam's directions can be brought about if an optical medium whose refractive index is as high as 2.1 is put in between the beam and the holographic plate.

Body science is a interdiscipline. This article has only offered an.initial experimental result concerning the effect of qi on laser holographic system. It is our wish that this article can be of some use to further research into, or throw some light on understanding, the essence of qi and its functioning mechanism.