Study of the mice tumors treated by qigong waiqi

Author: Lin Bingsui 1//Dou Guirong 1//Cui Zhenhuan 1//Yun Shulan 1//Feng Guanglai 2//Wang Mengpin 2//Feng Xingping 2
Dept of Experimental Oncology, Tianjin Medical College, China [1] //Institute of Bei Yang Qigong, Tianjin University, China [2]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 72 , Word Count: 597

In recent years, a lot of methods were used to research information of qigong men in order to know what it is. There were many opinions about the materiality of the information on. However, questions as such wchter information is a kind of material, what it is and what is the most effective way of detecting it, are still under research. We FJ-342 low energy Radiometer was used in our study.

Method and Result

The Radiometer is used to measure contamination or r.x radiation does rate especially for detecting low energy radionuclides such as c mode is usee. The unit is pulse/six seconds. When qigong man performs, we detect information of qigong man. We took the background count and the information count and we call these two counts sample counts.

The background count coastaken from the time when the audience began to enter till before the performance of the qigong man. We found the count was steady, so we those continuous ten count from all as the sample background counts. This process lasted about 100 minutes. The information record was started while the qigong man entrance and end when he stopped performing. The ten continuous counts around the peak and valley are chosen as sample of the information count. Our detection was made for 10 qigong men, 12 times, five meters away from them.


1. In the detection, we found that both the number of the audience and the background count. Only when the qigong man were performing, the count has obvious fluctation as in the graph, some of the information peak values is ten times as much as of the background peak value. The P value of t test makes it clear that these is remarkable difference between the information and background, and the information kind of material. However, the nature of the information needs further studies.

2. During the speech of the qigong man, the count in every 6 seconds did not remain the same, the peak and value only appeared in a short period of time (about a few seconds). We obtained the same results in more speeches. These results made it clear that the information radiation is periodic. This result is the same as reported in many other cases.

3. As a comparison, we detected the rays again after speech of the qigong man and the departure of the audience. It was found that the counts returned to the original background value. The count of some qigong man whose P is in the range of P< O.001 doesn't return until the next day. This indicate that how long the information lasts still remains a question.

4. According to the sample count, we find that the information count of most qigong men always appeared at the peak and the valley of the sample count and it is quite different from background count except some qigong man. We think the second is caused by the equipment. As a lot of articles reported, qigong man radiates material, such as infrosonic sound, infrared ray, electromagnetic wave, radiation. In short, the information is a complete material which has close relation with human body.


We detected the information of qigong men (Pei Xirong, Liu Shaobie, Tong Junkie, Tan Mingzhe, Ge Youtu, Hu Jianxin, Jin Jiansan, Yang XX, Wang XX) when we attended the lecture so that we could get the first hand material. Our research work has just started. We will be devoted to the researchong of the qigong information.

Results and P Value

Times Background Information p P
1 3,8,5,10,7,2,7,5,7 7,5,9,6,5,9,5,5,8 <.5
2 12,7,5,8,13,10,5,11,9,8 12,8,,9,8,11,24,28,13,16 <.05
3 18,11,12,11,10,9,12,10,9, 16,14,13,13,17,8,14,7,7, <.5
7 11
4 14,10,14,5,8,11,12,11,15, 13,10,13,33,18,13,18,19, <.05
8 15,10
5 6,6,12,7,10,5,6,9,8,6 9,9,9,6,12,11,11,8,6,14 <.1
6 8,6,5,6,8,8,8,8,S,5 9,9,8,10,11,16,7,7,8,10 <.02
7 7,8,11,7,9,13,9,5,9,15 12,11,8,8,10,9,11,16,7,5 <.5
8 8,10,8,9,7,7,6,7,11,5 5,4,4,4,4,2,5,8,4,9 <.002
9 4,8,12,6,7,3,6,4,8,7 5,3,3,6,4,2,7,1,1,2 <.005
10 16,14,13,13,17,8,14,7,7, 10,7,11,10,4,5,8,4,3,10 <.01
11 16,10,17,8,17,13,12,10, 10,14,14,14,14,15,36,26, <.05
11,9 28,16,16
12 18,10,14,9,18,13,10,18, 50,50,40,29,45,69,112, <.001
14,18 33,48,49