Enhancing Tai Chi Training System: Towards Group-Based and Hyper-Realistic Training Experiences

Author: Feng Tian, Shuting Ni, Xiaoyue Zhang, Fei Chen, Qiaolian Zhu, Chunyi Xu, Yuzhi Li
Conference/Journal: IEEE Trans Vis Comput Graph
Date published: 2024 Mar 8
Other: Volume ID: PP , Pages: PP , Special Notes: doi: 10.1109/TVCG.2024.3372099. , Word Count: 157

In this article, we propose a lightweight and flexible enhanced Tai Chi training system composed of multiple standalone virtual reality (VR) devices. The system aims to enable a hyper-realistic multi-user action training platform at low cost by displaying real-time action guidance trajectories, providing real-world impossible visual effects and functions, and rapidly enhancing movement precision and communication interest for learners. We objectively evaluate participants' action quality at different levels of immersion, including traditional coach guidance (TCG), VR, and mixed reality (MR), along with subjective measures like motion sickness, quality of interaction, social meaning, presence/immersion to comprehensively explore the system's feasibility. The results indicate VR performs the best in training accuracy, but MR provides superior social experience and relatively high accuracy. Unlike TCG, MR offers hyper-realistic hand movement trajectories and Tai Chi social references. Compared with VR, MR provides more realistic avatar companions and a safer environment. In summary, MR balances accuracy and social experience.

PMID: 38457324 DOI: 10.1109/TVCG.2024.3372099