Qigong and human body science -- the relationship among qigong, human blood and development of intelligence

Author: Guan Penglin
Fushun Petroleum Institute, China [1]
Conference/Journal: 2nd Int Conf on Qigong
Date published: 1989
Other: Pages: 54 , Word Count: 405

Since the author of this paper began to set up qigong class in 1984, the health and study scores of some students have got improvements and some students who have chronic diseases have recovered rapidly. This paper tries to reveal the relationships and laws between qigong and human blood and intelligence development.

I. Research objects and contents

1. Objects: students enrolled in Fushun Petroleum Institute in 1987 (divided in a test team and a contrast team, each 32 people);

2. Contents: checking the changes of formal compositions in student blood before and after qigong teaching.

II. Research method

Regular blood tests are carried out between the test team and the contrast team respectively before experiment and after 15 week qigong teaching (4 hours a week for the test team, an hour a week for contrast team).

And statistical analysis of high mathematics scores of is made among experimental students in unified exam to compare and study the difference produced.

III. Results

1. Test team:

a. average quantity of haemology increased by 1.2468 mg/ml difference test p < O.05;

b. average number of red blood cells increased by 23.287 x 104, the average number of white cells remained unchanged;

c. high mathematics score of enrolling: average = 88.5384 points (total 120 points) high math score of the first term: = 71.2817 points (total 100 points) high math score of the second term: = 74.75 points (total 100 points).

2. Contrast team:

a. average quantity of homology decreased by 0.4937 mg /ml;

b. average number of red cells decreased by 41.1562 x 104, the average number of white cells remained unchanged;

c. high mathematics scores in unified exam at enrollment: = 88.9406 points (total 120 points ); the first term: = 69.0625 points (total 100 points); the second term: = 66.5 points (total 100 points).

IV. Causes

The causes bringing about the above results are as follows:

1. Qigong enforces the blood pressure, reproduction. Since the homology amount and red cell number increased the onidation of lactic acid and the fatigue time are shortened.

2. The increase of the rate of blood circulation in the brain when exercising qigong provides a basis for improving memory and attention.

3. Qigong exercises has improved the spirits of the students.

V. Suggestions

l. The qigong class should be universally established in universities.

2. Training qigong teachers is an urgent task, which can help qigong teachers improve their knowledge in qigong method, theory and virtue.

3. Further study of the actions of qigong on human body on the basis of qigong teaching is needed for qigong to play a more important role in educating qualified students for our country.