Culturally tailored group Qigong exercise in older Chinese immigrants: A feasibility study

Author: Jianghong Liu1, Isabelle Kowal2, Yi Yang2, Yuting Zhu2, Sicheng Chen2, Adriana Perez2, Hengyi Rao2, Chinese Older Adult Qigong Exercise Group2
1 School of Nursing and Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, United States. Electronic address:
2 School of Nursing and Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, United States.
Conference/Journal: Geriatr Nurs
Date published: 2023 Apr 4
Other: Volume ID: 51 , Pages: 245-252 , Special Notes: doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2023.03.021. , Word Count: 159

Culturally tailored group exercise bridges health disparities among new immigrants, particularly older adults. We designed a Chinese Qigong (Baduanjin) exercise intervention testing the feasibility and acceptability among older Chinese at a senior daycare center in Philadelphia, PA, US.

10-week Qigong group in-person exercise was delivered 5 days a week, using a 12-minute video tutorial under trained research assistants' guidance. Daily attendance and attrition was recorded. Participants completed baseline self-report assessments on physical and mental health, and two computerized cognitive tests, the psychomotor vigilance test and a memory test.

53 older adults participated (mean age: 78, female: 88.7%). Average daily attendance was 65.28%. Stratification analysis on age groups <80 and ≥80 shows no significant differences on key variables.

Recruitment for Baduanjin Qigong exercise was feasible in senior daycare centers, and older adults could easily learn and safely follow exercise movements. Preliminarily findings call for further research.

Keywords: Baduanjin; Behavior; Chinese older adults; Cognition; Culturally-tailored qigong; Group exercise; Sleep.

PMID: 37023684 DOI: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2023.03.021