Preliminary discussion of the mechanism of Hui Chun Gong

Author: Wang T
Shanghai TCM Hospital, Qigong Department, Shanghai, China
Conference/Journal: 7th Int Sym on Qigong
Date published: 1998
Other: Pages: 85 , Word Count: 601

The whole name of Hui Chun Gong is 'Quan Zhen Hua Shan Pai of keeping healthy Hui Chun Gong'. About 800 years ago, Hao Ta - Tong, the student of Taoist's ancestry Wang Cong Yan, established it in the period of Jin Yuan dynasty. It had been taught secretly in Taoists, until l980 it was published by 19th generation student Bian Zhi Zhong and was put in the orderly the 20th generation student Shen Xin Yan who is well known in China and overseas today. The core of Hui Chun Gong is keeping healthy and prolonging life.

Why it is so amazing? This is the topic that we discuss here. With the reference of 'revolution in brain', an article written by (Chinese characters), it was considered that the key points of prolonging life are: to be in a cheerful frame of mind, calm of left brain, develop latent energy of right brain, make alpha waves in brain, secrete morphine in brain, dilate blood vessels, improve microcirculation, promote immunity, so as to obtain a healthy and long life.

Now let us discuss the mechanisms of Hi Chun Gong from the following three ways: regulation of heart (thought), regulation of body (movement), regulation of rest (respiration).

Regulation of Heart (thought) :
1. Thinking of youth with a smile throughout of all the process of exercising the Gong, one should be in a cheerful and beautiful, reflecting on one's past young age as well as a wonderful view such as blue sky, neat river, singing bird and flowers. Keeping the beautiful natural scene in mind, and keeping a sweet smile in face. This is the base of longevity according Hun Shan's opinion, it also should be applied in our daily life, work and study.
2. Speech and image can utilize the right brain. Saying silently the '3 words scripture' of Hui Chun Gong induces speech into right brain. More saying silently contributes to having good health. Good in induction of speech stimulate the secretion of beta-endorphin.
3. Silent sitting may calm the left brain. This is an effective procedure to develop the latent energy of right brain. Silent sitting of Hui Chun Gong eliminating distracting thoughts, keeping silent and maintaining relaxing state - as if in semi - sleeping and semi - consciousness condition. This is the best way of calming left brain and developing latent energy of the right brain. This is also the condition of producing wit and prolonging life.

Regulation of Body (movement):
Another main point is to be gentle and soft in doing exercise of Hui Chun Gong. The movement is beautiful, soft and elegant. It is not a manner of a dance but a manner which surpasses a dance, requiring soft, round, continuous and relaxed movements. Softness explains vital capacity of youth. Rigidity means firm and death. Soft movement of vertebra, quick whited action of articulation can reduce fat and strength muscle. Regulation of sex hormones by movement of lower Dantian excites vasodilatation, accelerate blood circulation and improve micro - circulation. All those help to prevent 3 diseases of high morbidity: hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipemia.

Regulation of Rest (respiration):
There are different forms of respiration such as natural respiration, stopping and closing respiration, abdominal respiration and retro abdominal respiration, etc. According to Chun Shan's opinion, the abdominal respiration helps to produce a wave of brain which can excrete morphine in brain hormone. At the same time abdominal respiration can excrete prostaglandin from the lower part of lung. It has obvious benefit effect to arrhythmia and other heart diseases, respiratory disease, also it helps to prevent the 3 high signs and reach aim of returning to the youth.